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  Author    Settlers Tournament 17/10/2004
Posted on: October 17th, 2004, 5:05pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Rob wanted, for his birthday, to go to today's Settlers of Catan tournament in at Tactics, so despite our recent gaming marathon, in we went.

There was a  good crowd there, enough for 4 games of 4 people at once. My first game was kind of average, my second game was a closey, and my third missed victory by rolling a 7 at a fatal moment. Pretty good all round, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

There were no delays starting play, everyone was ready and eager. Mike won the tournament, followed by Jocelyn and then Paul.

Well done to all!
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Posted on: October 17th, 2004, 8:31pm Quote Report to Moderator
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From my end, it was very much a 'fun' tournament. I was seeded with Mark S and Jason M, and we had a very nasty map. Not one with just one or two good spots, no, we had one with no good spots. No really bad ones either, mind, just a broad expanse of 'Sandman' places - "just below par". The game took 1:15 to play, and ended 10/9/9/9. Jason moved on, and Jocelyn joined us on table 2. And whupped us, although the scores we (again) close. And she moved on up. The final game was a good game, and saw another close finish. Although I was never in the running for a win, I still had a great time, as the games were very close, and very creative in play.

A very good day, in all.

And congratulations to the winners - especially Jocelyn, who's birthday is tomorrow! Happy Birthday!


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