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  Author    Chris Hadfield: A Spaceman's View of the Planet
Posted on: August 1st, 2015, 9:46pm Quote Report to Moderator
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I saw Chris Hadfield last night at the Riverside Theatre Perth, after he sees us he's going on to Sydney and Melbourne, one show only in all cities. He did his first show in Australia in Adelaide.

I highly recommend this show. It was entertaining, informative and inspiring so if you can possibly grab yourself a ticket for the remaining shows do so.

You might find some difficulty getting one though in Sydney, like Perth, is sold out. Still some at Melbourne maybe. If you subscribe to the +RiAus they were touting some special tickets a little while ago - they might still have some.

Commander Hadfield's warmth, humour and humanity washes over the crowd with great presence. His anecdotes are entertaining and interesting, and the footage has been chosen very well.

On arrival, the audience has an opportunity to write Commander Hadfield a question - if you are lucky you might be selected. You will need to know your seat number. One little girl asked her question in Russian which Chris, great polymath that he is, answered first in Russian and then translated for us non-Russian speakers.

You'd think that a Russian speaking little girl would be asking a highly technical question, but no, Chris has let us know how it is that Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny do their deliveries on the International Space Station.

He also has a lovely singing voice and great command of his guitar.

Ray Martin's questions and conversations with Chris were great. You'd think it would be difficult to convey a sense of intimacy in a crowd of thousands, but that's what we got.

Great show, great man, great music, great thoughts.

10 out of 10 fantastic and sharing a coffee with Yuri Gagarin and Brian Cox and looking at their holiday snaps on the Sid and Nancy scale.

Last modified August 1st, 2015, 9:46pm by leece
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