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  Author    Puttering along.
Posted on: December 13th, 2014, 5:55am Quote Report to Moderator
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There has been stuff happening, I'll go backwards from here which will help me remember better.

Yesterday Mum came over and we went to Karrinyup to take library books back, and to do some Christmas shopping. It's pretty funny shopping with Mum, because at the very least someone will invariably come up to me to ask about my footwear and engage in friendly conversation. I'm so used to it I don't really even notice it any more. (For those that came in late, I wear toe shoes from Vibram 5fingers in various colours).

Yesterday was even better because my hair is quite bright at the moment as well, so people were talking about my shoes and my hair most enthusiastically. Mum has a hard time reacting I think - she grudgingly approves of the toe shoes, but not of the hair (it's bright blue with a streak of purple) but she tries to be non-committal and not cringe in the face of such overwhelmingly positive, interested feedback. And it happens every time I go out with her.

Rob has had two job offers in absentia from the hairdressers where I go, on the strength of the quality of this blue and purple job. I think they were only half joking so if he wants a career change...

So we shop, and have a pretty good time. We have very young rellies to shop for so we go further afield and get some games for littlies and some finger puppets, including an empowered pirate girl with a cutlass of her own, I'm glad to say.

Then Rob came home and we wandered over to Karrinyup again and did some more shopping. Today my feet are quite sore!

So I've had the cut and colour because I was way overdue for a haircut - I prefer short hair, but I don't really like visiting the hairdresser. But it's festive time, and that means festive hair, I do like to colour up for the WABA Decembercon and Genghiscon and early next year wow, gee whiz I'm playing in a World Class event and disc golfers are traditionally rather a colourful crew.

WABA Decembercon went by in a 12 hour blur of biplanes and triplanes and over 100 people - Rob has posted his photos here - https://plus.google.com/+RobMasters/posts/eHGdG4Cjprx - just click on the picture and leaf through.  The list of games played is here https://www.boardgamegeek.com/.....mber-2014-de/page/1? but is by no means comprehensive.

We had a great time and took a much needed peaceful interlude for dinner with Ariaflame at Bilby's.

Then back to it.

Let's see,  WABA After Dark at Myriade wasn't scheduled for December, but Rob and I went anyway. On my way in, it was quite pleasant, my train had a set of carol singers singing harmoniously up one end of the train, and Father Christmas and a helper at the other, they moved up and met in the middle. Father Christmas confided to me that his second favourite colour was blue "I guess you wouldn't get to wear it much, Santa?" I said "I have a blue suit at home! I'll wear it next year and dye my beard too!" I'm sorry Mum wasn't there.

Met Rob and we went to Guz Y Gomez for quesadillas, and then to San Churro's for icecream. Then to Myriade, where a surprisingly quiet and low key video game event was going on. We sat down, finished our Small World game we'd been playing on the tablet, and set to with tea and our first ever game of Castle Panic. Which we enjoyed, even though the game snotted us.

My copy of Black Fleet arrived yesterday! We've also obtained the Babel expansion for 7 Wonders which looks very impressive.

And that's about it. I'm now trying out the traditional leece summer pastime of  working out whether my throat is sore because I've
a) got hayfever
b) getting sick
c) reflux

I really hope it's not b because a and c are a lot more easy to prevent.

On a more positive note, some of my tomatoes have fruited and the ones we've eat so far have been delicious!
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