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  Author    Full weekend
Posted on: July 30th, 2015, 2:00am Quote Report to Moderator
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I had a visit into town during the week to buy birthday presents for various in laws, and grandmother, and unbirthday presents for cousin's children.

Pocket Hive and Citadel were good picks for the inlaws, and mini magnetic drawing pads pretty cute for the kidlets. A nice scarf for grandmother rounded it out.

The weekend has been quite busy. I kind of include Friday night into the weekend because to my mind that's where the weekend starts - with rpging. This weekend had a friend from Canberra (ex-Perthian) who took on one of the NPC's.

The party discussed the ins and outs of what they'd discovered and whether the bounty would be more trouble than it's worth.
Meanwhile and far away the injured party member received a visit.

On Saturday, amidst stormy flurries, we drove to Bilby's and had ourselves a couple of GF Bo-Peeps but refrained from the chips as we knew Poss was going to be feeding us her famous and delicious Spag Bog that evening.

After Bilby's we drove to WABA and engaged in Nations: The Dice Game. Rob and I battled it down to a draw, which I then won on a technicality. We've got a much better understanding of the game now, I'm glad we bought it, it's a good one. I'm interested to try Nations proper now.

Then we played El Grand Intrigue and the King, which brings the fascinating world of card drafting into El Grande. I'd like to try this again - I got stonged but I still enjoyed it and I can see how I'd do things differently. And possibly still get stonged. Rob won that one.

We left WABA relatively early because we needed to get to Alternative Bites which for us is way South. This was to pick up the cake for Grandmother's 95th on the Sunday - as Poss is not-so-way-South it made sense for us to get it, and hand it over to Mum in Poss's carpark like some illicit coeliac gf ring. Then we watched some 80's Sherlock Holmes, Once Upon A Time and others, and ate the promised spag bog and
some other goodies from Alternative Bites.

We left Poss relatively early, and went home and slept.

Sunday we drove to grandmother's lodge and met up with the rellies and did the birthday thing - she liked the scarf, and the socialising was good. Gotta recommend Cosmic Catering for some truly magnificent gluten free offerings!

The little children very much liked their pads too, as did the various birthday folk.

Rob and I went to the river after the event and chilled with some coffee.  The river was very reflective, there was hardly any wind.  The ferry was very bright against the grey water.

Then we drove home and I got on the roof to inspect the gutters, which are all just fine, but there are some cracks in the cement on the ridge capping so we're going to have to get up there with something from Bunnings and fill it up.

Yesterday Mum and Rob and I met in Leederville for dinner and wandered the many food offerings, ending up at Mon. It was very nice!
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