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  Author    Quick wrap up
Posted on: July 25th, 2015, 9:16am Quote Report to Moderator
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The Western Australian Boardgame association's meeting at Mt Claremont is coming up on Saturday, I'm looking forward to it. Our three Princess Bride games have arrived from the Kickstarter Mills - As You Wish, Miracle Pill and A Battle Of Wits all of which I don't think are very deep but should be fun with the right crowd. And there's Nations:The Dice Game which has just come out on yucata.de so it will be good to try it properly on cardboard. I've also got a copy of Pictomania which we had a lot of fun with at Mt Claremont last time.

It's a good thing too, because it's been a week of some little frustration (which is not from anyone likely to write anything here) about which all I will say here, is a quote from  http://glutendude.com/celiac/take-celiac-disease-seriously/

"No drugs. No cure. And untreated can result in cancer. That is celiac disease. Itís not a fad. Itís not a joke. Itís not a minor food allergy. Itís a disease."

On a much brighter note, our tiny little 3d printer has arrived, the iBox Nano which uses resin and UV. https://www.kickstarter.com/pr.....3d-print/description

So we look forward to playing with that presently.

Last Sunday we had lunch with L&A at Feast, which is a pleasant cafe opposite the Wembley Hotel - fairly limited GF offerings, although what we had was nice. After Rob and I went to the Perth Disc Golf Club league day and I came in 5th which is pretty good doing in the field of about 25-30 that played.

Saturday mum made pulled beef tacos for us and Poss and we had a good night's viewing. Mum vanished off to the Dirty Dancing premier.

Rob's work is moving, so Saturday morning we drove to where it will be to check it out. 3 minute walk, if that, from the river and very nice surrounds. We had a nice walk along the river, amongst great big flame trees and wetland, with the frogs croaking.

I'm going to go into Perth today to do some birthday shopping for my two cousins who live in Perth's SO's - they like games so Tactics here I come, I think. It's my mum's mum's 95th birthday on Sunday, we're having a do, and the cousins' SO's birthdays land on or around there too.

Not much else to report - looking forward to seeing Chris Hadfield next week though!
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