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  Author    What a flurry
Posted on: July 15th, 2015, 12:09am Quote Report to Moderator
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Mum is shopping between surgeons for a sinus operations wildly vacillating between "I don't want to do this at all!" to " I want to do this as quickly as possible!" so that's a bit interesting as I go around with her to the surgeons and she makes and cancels appointments for the actual surgery left, right and centre. But we got to have lunch in West Perth on Tuesday afterwards which is always enjoyable.

I've put an order in for Top Ten, the comic with the police procedural story set in a city of superheroes - including the Doberman in an exoskeleton that Stephen Dedman mentioned during my SF&F Detective panel at Swancon.

Tuesday also so us going to WABA after dark at Cafe Myriade where we played Nuclear War and Jamaica (Which was light fun - we hadn't played it before)

Friday the rpg group explored a seemingly endless tunnel. My character thinks it's waste of time and most uncomfortable. The dwarf thinks it's all just fine, but he doesn't have to walk for hours all bent over.

Saturday was a full day - after chilling out in the morning with pancakes and Splendor with Mum, we drove to Alternative Bites, where we had mushroom pie and chips (Alternative Bites is a very non-allergen bakery - no gluten at all! http://www.alternativebites.com.au/HOME.html South of the River which is Forn Parts to us) and picked up some assorted tarts and treats for afternoon tea and for dessert with Poss later.

After lunch we drove to WABA South as because I had written to Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo just to say, "Yay, we have enjoyed your game over the years, and congratulations on the 50th Year Anniversary!" , he'd written back saying, thanks, want me to send some stuff so you can run an official tournament? So I said OK, bought some copies of the actual game and its expansions as grand prizes, because I thought that the first ever official tournament in Australia was a pretty special thing, and worked out how I was going to do things.

Soon two tables were playing and two rounds were fought. Rob and I were available to answer rules queries throughout the afternoon - (I particularly liked Ernest's call of LeeceRob! RobLeece! when he had a query - very inclusive! ) and played a bit of Splendor on the side. Good Atomic Cannons make good neighbours.

More description of the tournament available here - https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/19879871#19879871 and if you're interested in the 50th Anniversary Kickstarter, it's got 7 days left. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/994700393/nuclear-war-card-game-50th-anniversary-edition


We wrapped up and visited Poss for dinner and videos. Still immensely enjoying Forever, although the cadavers are a bit confronting on occasion. Poss made awesome pies! So it was a special day for us, pies all around! For you people that can eat gluten, we can't just go into a deli and grab a pie when we want to. I am not guaranteed, within a 20 minute drive in my area, to be able to obtain a meat pie on any given day so it's kind of a treat.

The next day, being Sunday was a housework (and whippersnipper) sort of day, with the treat of going to the drivein that night - ariaflame had suggested in for the week before, but mutual rescheduling brought it to this week. We got there in good time... second in line. There was a whole bevvy of people in the car ahead of us, very noisy too, but by the time that they drove up to the pay window there were only two people evident. I think that might have been the same car that had a dead battery at the end. Karma?

We were initially going to stay for only one movie, the next day being a work day - but the first movie we both found kind of a downer, especially for a kid's movie, geez, that was Inside Out, so we decided to stay to be cheered up. Which Ant Man, the silly thing it is, did so admirably.

My arms are sore from the whippersnipping of the weeds yesterday, and my head hurts but I've had a good weekend.

Oh yes, if you like 80's music, I can recommend, and am going to this - they're really good!

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