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  Author    So tired but happy
Posted on: May 6th, 2015, 9:20am Quote Report to Moderator
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Quite a bit has happened since I last posted. There are photo captions here, but the actual photos you can find at http://leecetheartist.dreamwidth.org/326979.html

The photowalk in Fremantle.
One big highlight was going with Mum and Rob to a photowalk held in Fremantle on the Saturday before Mother's day - that was a week or so ago now. Here's some of the photos that I and others took at the event page on Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cbj4r81iurkajd3stojq249ebb0 and I would imagine that there would be even more on Facebook, but I'm not on there any more, so I guess if you search for Jasmine Skye Photography, F Stop Lounge and Team Digital and {Free} Fremantle Photo Walk you might find it there, if you are interested.

Mother's Day
The next day was Mother's Day, which occurs on the second Sunday in May in Australia. Mum isn't much for stuff, because we have too much stuff - what we all feel is really more valuable is time and skill. Rob, Mum and I went to visit my grandmother and had a chat, nice coffee and chocolates, and creme caramel, then Mum and Rob and I took Mum out for a series of on location photo shoots for the rest of the day. Mum is rarely satisfied with photographs of herself, and she has a tendency to freeze like a deer in headlights, but a prolonged shoot in beautiful locations, and some fun stuff made a lovely day of it, and one or two of the photos Rob and I took might be okay. On the banks of Perth Water, Matilda Bay and Scarborough Beach were the locations and they were pretty good. Watching people dance at the Scarborough pavilion and eating Mexican as the sun went down was a very pleasant conclusion to the day.

Garden News
The large almond tree has died. It was large when the house was built here in 1984, and I guess age, lowering water tables and climate change may all have had a part. So on Wednesday the loppers came to reduce it to a safe height - I didn't want to remove the trunk completely. Nasturtiums have started coming up, and so have the weeds, but quite hesitantly as there hasn't been much rain. Until now...
The three remaining bantams are doing well, and we're getting eggs regularly.

Disc Golf at Tomato Lake and a long day.
Thursday we had Disc Golf at Tomato Lake, a very nice day for it, if a tad windy, and it was a long day for me. Rob usually catches the bus on disc golf days, so I can have the car, to drive to Tomato Lake to set up the course so Rob and his workmates, and anyone else playing can arrive and start playing straight away. But Rob slept in, so I drove him to work, then went to the bank at Belmont Forum, to get a bank cheque from them, because after Rob's work we were lined up to go and pick up our new car from Diesel Motors.

So I waited for the bank to open, got the cheque from a bank fellow who was very excited for us (P&N Bank are awesome all around really) and grabbed a coffee and sat for a bit. Had a bit of a wander around Belmont, then sat in the park rereading Elizabeth Moon's Hunting Party until it was time to set up the course. Played and then went back to Belmont for lunch. Wandered about for a bit, did a little shopping and then picked Rob up and off we went to Diesel Motors. Said goodbye to Ti and hello to the new wagon.

Leece and Rob stand by a new car, but it's covered up!

We hadn't told anybody we were getting a new car so we drove home and showed Mum and Rob took her to get our dinner in it.
It's a very nice drive. It's still a bit disconcerting when the ECO mode cuts in, turning off and on the engine at traffic lights, but it make sense for city driving.

So far we're very pleased with it, and it's a lovely choice for our very first brand new car purchase ever.

With that excitement ongoing we had the gamers over on Friday night - the previous Friday had been pretty intense as one of the player characters (who's kind of an NPC now as his player is GMing at the moment) got shot during the Harvest Festival. This has had all sorts of fallout, so we were faking his death in the hopes of avoiding further attempts.

Dancing and Disc Golf

Saturday we took it pretty easily at home, because not only were we going to be dancing all night to the great energy of 80's Inc on Saturday night, we were also going to the "Chick Flick" which was a global Women's Disc Golf Event on Sunday.

So on Saturday we took it easy and tried out the 3Doodler, a 3D printer scribble pen I suppose you could describe it as. Or rather, Rob did, and I tried to sleep off a migraine. It mostly worked.

Anyway, we got dressed up in what we could dig up of 80's finery - photos to come - and had dinner with Mum and then off we went to the Herdman Lake Tavern. It was great! If you're interested, you could read my review here -  https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AliciaSmith-leece/posts/FDbTpCifpjH

80s Inc the 80s tribute band rocking it out

But in short, we really did just about dance all night, to at least 32 songs. They played 3 sets of 12, and they were really fun.
Possibly dancing for four hours and staying up until 1:30 the night before was not the best way to approach a disc golf tournament, but there you have it. Sunday morning yawningly arrived, and we ate and got to the course.

It was going to be gruelling, 12 women turned up, (and some men as well, some of them in the traditional drag for this event) braving the torrential rainfall and chancy winds. It was a slog in the weather conditions yesterday, really wet and windy. Despite that, we made it! Apparently bad weather agreed with me that day, as I won the Advanced Women's. Gosh, were we tired afterwards, and it was fantastic to have a hot shower and a pie and sausage roll too. Rob didn't play, instead electing to take photos and very glad he had wet weather gear for his camera.

I have to say my new Dude rainjacket helped - I didn't have to carry a bag, I just had my discs shoved in its capacious pockets, it's designed for them.

Leece throws a disc, wearing her new DUDE jacket.

If I look fatter than normal, it's because I've got 6 discs shoved in the front pockets.

Today we are a bit sore, and Rob has had to come home with a headache, alas, he's asleep now. Presently I'll hobble over to the kitchen and cook https://thespicelibrary.com.au/product/saffron-barberry-rice-zereshk-polo/ this.

Rob and Leece stand by their brand new car - revealed as a shiny black and silver smart car. They look pretty happy.

It's been a very full time!
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