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  Author    Overcast week it seems
Posted on: April 25th, 2015, 11:25pm Quote Report to Moderator
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It has been something of an overcast week but for me, who largely avoids the news, except through conversation and other peoples' posting, it's been a pleasant one. We've even had rain!

Rob and I were fortunate enough to win a 3 course meal at the Naked Fig on the community table.

I took public transport to Karrakatta station and waited to meet Rob there. A bit of an unpleasant moment - it's twilight and no one else is there as I'm crossing under the underpass, coming up at the station opposite where suddenly a rough looking fellow steps out and makes eye contact. I nod and keep walking briskly.  He calls out with a too - loud "Excuse me!?" in a rough voice wanting to know the time, and continues calling, but I don't react and I keep walking. Not a good vibe about the whole thing and I was glad when Rob turned up.

If it was innocent he's a burk for jumping out at a lone woman. If he wanted to know when the next train was he can bloody press the button on the machine there.

More pleasantly, back to The Fig. The up side - free food and coffee/wine/champagne if that's your sort of thing. The down side,  you don't know who you're going to be sitting with! The couple of times it's happened before we've got lucky and no one else came, or the people were pretty cool.The people were pretty cool this time too. A pair of interior designers, respectively from Greece and Buenos Aires I think, a retired childcare worker from Perth, a horticulturalist from South Australia, a plastic surgeon (he does hands - restoring burns and cancer damage) with tales of Fiona Stanley Hospital, two pleasant and dynamic sisters I didn't get info on, and us. We were a lively group and no one actually wanted to leave. A very pleasant evening, good food and company.

Disc golf went well, yesterday, as scheduling at Rob's work conflicted. The new course continues to meet approval with the players, and although humid, it was very pleasant by the lake. For the first time we saw a hoary headed grebe Out Of The Water. Just sitting there, right on the bank.  It must be the end times, or it's been left at the high tide mark or something.

My mermaid is nearly finished, nearly ready for scanning! I'm off to do some work on her, she should be finished today.

Anyone who can source me somewhere to get some Newplast? *Locally*, I mean - I don't particularly want to go to Amazon and Fishpond I may or may not get something entirely but not quite unlike Newplast. It is apparently the go-to material for this. I'm enjoying the Plastilina, but I'd really like to try some Newplast. It's good enough for Aardman so I'd love to try it. I'd also like to bring your attention to a kickstarter project that's just been launched: Cauldron.  This looks like a game that has been really built.  Have a look at it here - http://www.kickstarter.com/pro.....-alchemy/description

And that's it from me for now. RPGing tonight, and the party are ready to view the parade.
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