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  Author    A Giant Weekend Part Two
Posted on: February 14th, 2015, 1:28am Quote Report to Moderator
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https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AliciaSmith-leece/posts/MCW5kMoy16p here's my story.

The text from it follows if you don't want to look at the pictures.

This is only what we experienced - it would be great to piece the whole sequence together!

We parked in South Perth just before 9:00am, and caught the ferry over. I've never seen such a full ferry - wow! We only had to wait one ferry. We don't know what the smoke was doing over there in Langley Park as the Little Girl Giant started her morning, perhaps she was being smoked in welcome by the Whadjuk people, it would seem in keeping with the whole story.  Meanwhile we made our way up to the corner of Barrack and Hay Streets, where the crowd was getting quite thick. Me, I would have chained my bike up somewhere else entirely and proceeded on foot.

The crowd waited, more or less patiently. The community feeling on this event was immense. Everyone was striking up conversations all around them, it really brought people together in the soul. The Little Girl was travelling on her boat, looking for the Diver Giant, so she didn't need her walking apparatus just yet, it travelled ahead of her with its attendant Lilliputians. Then came the Little Girl Giant on her mystery ship, found by the people of the land and river and which they dug out for her.  The ship rolled up and down and water sprayed from it, soaking people who were on the wrong side of the barriers. A huge fan blew from the front, with ocean noises. It gave a very marine impression!

Further up Barrack Street she transferred to her walking apparatus by crane.

This is where we left the Little Girl Giant and walked to Wellington Square to await the arrival of the Diver Giant.

The Diver Giant was heralded by alarmed crows flying through the trees! We saw him moving through the trees by the side of the park and then he walked into Wellington Square.

He sat wearily down. The Lilliputians hustled to get him comfortable. French commands rang out! He had such a sweet, tired face. His hair blew in the wind when they got his helmet off. His Lilliputians seemed to be communicating with him and he certainly responded. He looked about the crowd with gentle curiosity.

After the Giant Diver was sitting comfortably, the Lilliputians grabbed a giant vinyl record and started playing soothing music on a giant turntable. The Diver soon fell asleep. He snored once more, with the sound of the sea.

After a rest of a few hours, during which we had lunch and several interesting conversations with other members of the crowd.  Mum arrived, the Diver woke up and got ready to meet his niece in Langley Park.

All in all, a very worthwhile event, leaving those who viewed tired, full of wonder and cheer.
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