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  Author    Yep yep yep
Posted on: February 4th, 2015, 11:26pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Well, crawling slowly back to normality here...

At the end of January and the start of February 2015 my R and I stayed at Mundaring Ecostay. We were there for the first Professional Disc Golf Association Major in the Southern Hemisphere. For those who came in late, this is where you are playing golf, but are using a flying disc (frisbee) instead of a ball, throwing towards a chain basket as your hole. The Mundaring Sporting Club has recently put in an
amazing course, and it's well worth playing on as part of your visit to Mundaring, $10 for non-members.

It was a serious enough sport to have the governing body (the Professional Disc Golf Association) have a representative come over, and to have a 30,000 prize pool -  it was all a big hoohah, what with German, Finnish (the Finns are *big* on disc golf, which they call Frisbee golf), Canadian, New Zealand, American and Australians from widespread states all competing at both a professional and amateur level. Very top players in the world, oooh like Nathan Doss and Valerie Jenkins...

It is a big course with long holes, and although R and I are the very lowest of the low amatuer players,  we're proud to have finished the competition even though what with being recalled back to the clubhouse due to danger of being struck by lightning(!) and extra walking and stuff, we walked, according to R's pedometer a good 40k or so in hilly terrain and gravel over the course of the comp, and throwing as well, from the gold tees (which were pro level, much further away from the basket)

There are photos at Google Plus, if you go there and use the hashtag #aussieopendiscgolf you will bring up a bunch of photos, some mine, some R's.

Anyway, we had a great time and it was all very organised. A lot of the travelling players had accomodation in Sorrento hotel and were bussed up to Mundaring every day but we thought that was a bit time and energy consuming and we didn't want to drive every day either so we took some accommodation up there at the Mundaring Ecostay.

So there we were for 7 days, and we really enjoyed our stay in Quenda Cottage. (A quenda is a Southern Brown Bandicoot, and while they may look superficially like rats in passing, they are marsupials, and have pouches and joeys just like kangaroos. It's a delight to see them running around the cottages, and speaks a lot for the environmental ethos of the place.)

Quenda Cottage, like the smaller Boobook Cottage is of straw bale construction, and was amazingly cool even on the hottest of days. It has a fully equipped kitchen - gas stove and hob, and good sized fridge. High ceilings, exposed beams, and stained glass and cool floors, astounding rescued jarrah furniture add to the beautiful surroundings. Rainwater tanks out the back, and a solar hot water system and energy collection show us these people aren't just paying lip service when it comes to sustainability, and it's wonderful. There was even a claw footed bath and bottle of Radox which was just heaven after walking 8 kilometres on the course. 

There were a couple of bikes on offer too, but we were quite okay with the exercise we were doing in the tournament, a very nice thought though. Bird life very evident, and kangaroos were sighted early in the morning at the property next door. I loved it, and I would eagerly stay again. The proprietors thoughtfully offered to bring in some gluten free food for us so there'd be food waiting for us with no need to tear out shopping on the first day. They were very responsive!

On the second last day we spent a lot of it asleep (it was a gruelling tournament) and when we woke up and went outside there was a freshly picked bowl of tomatoes and basil on the doorstep. There's an orchard and veggies around that visitors are at liberty to help themselves to, and if you move quietly you might see quenda about too. In the cooler months, it would be quite nice to visit the walking and riding tracks about Mundaring, as well as the cafes and crafts about this settlement.

The odd noises the bamboo makes during the very quiet nights might be distracting at first but we were so tired that nothing really woke us. Then we got used to it and miss it now!"

We had a little stroll in the Mundaring Community Sculpture Park, and enjoyed meals at the Mundaring Hotel a time or two, all very pleasant.

On returning to the city, Mum and I attended a City of Stirling Library course on getting more out of your Android tablet, which had some useful info, and all three of us also went to our first Fringe World event...The Ballpoint Penguins, a highly skilled a cappella group Ariaflame pointed us at. They're a local band and they're just wonderful with satirical songs with a Perth flavour, some of them. If you like Tom Lehrer and Weird Al, you might enjoy these folks. They're on Youtube.

Yesterday was involved going over Fringe events. Unfortunately this week Rob's on call, so we miss out on "And now for something completely improvised" and other things on this week.

But we will be seeing http://www.fringeworld.com.au/program/event/92bebbb7-f05f-4ab4-82fc-f48b194bd01c/ and http://www.fringeworld.com.au/program/event/42c78be7-861a-467a-af13-823ac15d276b/ and http://www.fringeworld.com.au/program/event/fc717269-243d-49bd-b9c8-ee8c7a646a44/ as well as incidentals like the mermaids and the 3d illusion and hanging around The Pleasure Garden just soaking it all in with the food and the atmosphere.

Rob took some nice photos https://plus.google.com/u/0/10.....f7f9cda1d14b52351b73

There's a couple of other items we're wanting to see too but the other ones are locked in.

Gaming started up, I'm taking a break from GMing, and the party are enjoying Lyonne. Whether Lyonne enjoys the party remains to be seen.

Poss came over and enjoyed a meal and videos. San Remo's GF couscous is very yummy.

And that's it from me, it's been pretty hot, not too bad but the city is covered in smoke from the surrounding bushfires.
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