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Posted on: January 18th, 2015, 7:20am Quote Report to Moderator
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I have had such fun with Polymorph thermoplastic today.

I am at core a sculptor, but my art and business slid into 2D and printmaking, which is fine but my hands always ache to mould something.
With the imminent arrival of 3D Scanners and printers to Chez Leece&Rob, suddenly there's the interesting possibility of, hey, I can make something, scan it and print out lots and lots of them. This is more convenient than making molds and casting things.

And the technology has done some cool things.

Now I could just take bog standard clay and make stuff and scan it. It's my prefered medium. But it's messy, I don't have easy access to a kiln, and it is fragile if not fired. Hell, it's fragile if it is fired. If it dries out you can't work it and have to recycle it or carefully dampen it down.

Polymorph plastic you pour hot water on and it goes soft and workable. It cools down and becomes solid. Put it in the hot water, it softens up again, ad infinitum. It is incredibly convenient. It has some idiosyncrasies but they're easily gotten around

(TRIGGER WARNING BLOOD from cut finger in the link!)-

http://www.paulodowd.com/2011/11/working-with-polymorph.html very useful guide for working with it. I plunged into working with it this morning and suddenly it's 5:00 and I've had a really satisfying session - a mermaid and a feisty dragon are well on their ways. I could have done with it before I started, that guide, the instinct to ball it up was strong. I got it flattened out though.

My fingers are sore - they will strengthen, but this stuff is a bit harder than clay - it's more like working in porcelain or wax. But it's really good.

I need to get some tools now I've got the basic forms, need to do some detail work and give my fingers a rest.

I am a very happy leece. The plastic was a good birthday present, Rob.
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