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  Author    Post Genghiscon 2015
Posted on: January 15th, 2015, 12:54am Quote Report to Moderator
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https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AliciaSmith-leece/posts/AheF8MsC5U7 will let you have a look at what I was playing from Friday night to Sunday evening. Just click on the big photo and then click the arrows through.

I enjoyed Genghiscon. Whilst the organisation leading up to the convention and communication was quite frankly atrocious, once the con was actually underway everything just seemed to click. Registration was speedy and efficient, and while the bathroom of the room that we got was not very clean and actually had some sort of annelid colony in the toilet (!)* that is certainly not the fault of the convention!

We got to liaise with our primary minions for the Swancon 40 gaming stream and work out a bunch of stuff. We have very cool helpers.

I participated in a larp based on London gangsters after a diamond heist, and that was really fun. I'll have to persuade the organiser to do it again at Swancon. Also Friday night I got to catch up a couple of my RPGers who'd missed sessions.

We dined twice at Tiamo, whose Moroccan Lamb is very, very nice. I don't like the taste of lamb usually, but the spices transformed it wonderfully, so good we had it twice. While they do both vegetarian AND gluten free dishes, they don't do them as a combination, but with some jiggery with sides we were able to feed everyone. Sweet potato fries for the win, and they were very nice too.

We stayed over the Sunday night, playing Mermaid Rain after dinner with a full six, and then discovered our friends had run their car battery flat and none of us had jumper leads. It was an automatic so push starting was not an option. But we carry an automotive battery recharger which while it was got for our little Smart Car in case we got into trouble on our road trip, gave the engine enough oomph to turn over after two tries.

The next day we'd taken time off, and drove down to Fremantle to look at the Fairy Tern nesting site on North Mole. We took lots of photos and Rob tried out his new lens.

I'll be heading off to WABA After Dark, Myriade this afternoon.

*I know a mosquito larvae when I see it, and these were not they. Black, ringed, disc at one end. Not interested in surfacing for air. Small and leech like, but I wasn't going to stick it in my ear, let me tell you! I've never seen that before and don't care to again.
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