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  Author    Games and things
Posted on: November 16th, 2014, 7:10am Quote Report to Moderator
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This week I wrangled mum and grandmother and a folding wheelchair to the ophthalmologist and lunch.

Rob and I and A went to WABA after Dark at Myriade, where we met some new people who had come from the 'meetup' page that WABA is running. They were very enthusiastic and played a mix of things, Hive,Ticket to Ride Europe, Timeline, Marrying Mr Darcy (which A had brought - such a fun game!) , and Dominion. It went very well.

A card - not a postcard! - a card, sent from the U.S has taken 24 days to arrive at my place. That's quite a time!

It was International Game in you Library Day last Saturday. In the morning four 70+* ladies, amongst others, turned up and we taught them several games - and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and look forward to more WABA. They were lovely and very game to try anything.

We saw Interstellar at the Swancon screening - very much a space movie. I really enjoyed it - and the AI's. A bit like a cross between Contact and 2001 A Space Odyssey. With the emphasis on Space.

*Amended as one of the ladies has quite rightly pointed out that at least two of them were in fact, in their 70's. I'm terrible at judging age. I wonder if it's because I have prosopagnosia?

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