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  Author    Boardgames, Viewings and King's Park...
Posted on: November 14th, 2011, 12:08pm Quote Report to Moderator
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One of the trailers we saw during the Immortals screening was for the remake of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. We've just finished watching it with Poss - the original mini series, that it, so I'm of two minds about going to see it. We've started watching Smiley's People with her now, and it's a real ripper. I wonder if they'll remake that too?

Friday night, as the Swancon Quiz night was on, we went to that instead of gaming. Alas, some of our players were unable to attend, which left us with a table of four against many tables of 8. Still, we managed, between Garry (AKA the Decayed Elf-Lord), ariaflame, rdmasters and myself to come 5th out of many. In true Decayed Elf style Garry also carried off the coin toss, both for the booze, and for the heads and tails. Well done!

And on Saturday we wandered over to WABA for some boardgaming goodness, and found to our delight the cafe has now reopened, hooray! We were self sufficient that day, because we didn't know, but in the future we will be able to avail ourselves of coffee and things. Maybe even gf food, we did have a little talk to them and it seems positive.

And then it was trying out the the Chocolate Edition Scrabble with ratfan and Dean, we tried it with the suggested rules, but it seemed too short to justify eating the pieces, so we had another game using the lightning scrabble rules, which was more satisfying. The chocolate too, was satisfying. It's not always so nice to eat your words!

After that we played one of my favourites, Captain Parkes Imaginary Polar Expedition where one has to skulk around London scraping up evidence that you've actually been on an adventure to the dark continent or Everest or what have you. I think the pieces we were using as player token appealed more, little dinosaurs. A lot of fun.

Last up before departing for Poss's, was a game of Powerboats where I manage to do a lot of damage to my boat. Not a game I excel at, but one I enjoy all the same.

Then we went off to Poss's, by way of Herdsman Fresh Markets, where we picked up some GF Tiramisu I'd been eyeing off, and had such a delicious pork slowcooker meal that Poss made. I'm not fond of pork but I'll take a double helping if Poss is cooking it. There was cider involved, and ginger and onions and it was just yummy. And brussel sprouts and mash taters, mmmm.

We watched the first episode of Smiley's People, Andromeda, and Sanctuary and Warehouse 13 which were all particularly good viewing.

We slept in severely on Sunday morning, finally got ourselves breakfasted and showered and dressed around 11, and then toddled to my grandmother's whose computer was down. My Nanna, who is over 90 described how frustrated she feels without her email. Rob did his magic, fixed it, and then we took our picnic lunch to King's Park to suss it out, as Swancon would like us to do something discgolfy for the bbq in December. We sussed it out, finally found some parking and ate our lunch, and threw a non golf frisbee to each other on the grass for a while.

Then we came home and I read a wonderful book Poss lent me, called Remarkable Creatures by Tracy Chevalier. Set in the early 1800's, it dramatises the lives of a couple of female fossil hunters in Lyme Regis. It's really cool and has one of my favourite eccentrics in it - William Buckland. We played a bit of Glitch - I'm stuck in the mines with no food, but I'm determined to get myself enough currants to buy a nice house, so I'm just waiting for my recharge from day to day. This is probably not the most efficient way to do this, though.

And that's about it for the weekend. Monday has dawned cloudy but has cleared, the bantams are scratching and I've marinated the kangaroo strips for the stir fry tonight. WABA after dark starts tomorrow, but we won't be able to go, as we have a family dinner to go to. Oh well, next month.

Might drop in at Myriade anyway sometime this week.
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