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  Author    Swancon post 1 - The Arrival
Posted on: April 21st, 2011, 5:17pm Quote Report to Moderator
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In a departure from my usual style of con review, this will more be as I have time to enter up my experiences, so I don't lose a day writing the review at the end, when my memory fades, or late at night each day.

We rode to the hotel nearby with a very full load, slow going. Some friendly indigenous Northbridge people cheerfully helped me and Rob get my heavy trailer through the rail maze. Plain street was hard going, but we got here in the end, greeted by a cheerful and very helpful arcadiagt5 who helped us with all the games and food and Stuff upstairs, and got us trollies and was generally in every way pleasant and helpful.

So we're going to wait here for a bit for ariaflame to come, so we can rest after our 12 km ride with the heaviest load I've pulled. It was fine, just slow, and a trifle vexing in some of the mazes.

Then we'll go to the convention and see you all there! Our room at the hotel downtheroad is very nice, kitchen, good game space, so we can at least game here if the gamespace at the convention doesn't come up to scratch.
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