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  Author    Busy!
Posted on: March 9th, 2011, 12:08pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Just snatching a quick entry here before I rush off and Do Things.

Things that have happened: Mark kindly came down, bearing 3 bantams, Emu, Adana and Duster, who are respectively a Silkie, a Phoenix and a Frizzle. This will add to our Hamburg, Rhode Island Red and Plymouth Rock bantam hens. Emu looks like an Emu stuffed toy, even to the blue on the face!

Roleplaying is in abeyance slightly, although I must get the cousins together seeing as they and Burley's Magic Snake are due for some sort of adventure up the hillside seeing as Burley may have been camping on the missing remains of the ghost that they found out about at the timeslipped hotel.

This will happen whilst Burley and Alexander go up to the Winged Folk village as Aesir's guest at a banquet, so the other three aren't going to be around.

Alexander's player is in Tasmania, Aesir's player is in Bali so they're out for variously 2 weeks, 4 weeks or so.

We played Pitch Car and 6 Nimdt I think the week when Mark and Bronny came over. And then last week we had ariaflame and R, and we played a good few rounds of Western MahJong, which I found very satisfying. Rob and I played it a lot with a couple of Rob's friends when we first met, haven't played it for a while so it was kind of cool when we got asked to teach it at Genghiscon, it's kind of fired us up about it, so we've been playing it a bit, and will be teaching it this Saturday at The W.A Boardgames Association. Even though it's really a card game.

Tuesday week ago, I participated in Super Tuesday, the National Bike Survey. I sat on a street corner and counted the bikes that travelled through the intersection, and which way they turned. It was fun. I was unfortunately prevented from taking my bike down due to a puncture, but otherwise it was great. One lady asked me what I was doing. "I've been counted twice!" she said, when I told her. So I have a bright orange tshirt now, and $50 going to a charity of my choice which is way cool. Look out for it again next year, at the start March.

Mum has gone over to a family gathering reunion in South Australia/Victoria, dropped her off at the airport last night.

The Coles gluten free Expo is on this weekend! We're going on Sunday, if anyone else is interested, the more the merrier. Oh, those free samples! Yum.

On Saturday we played 18 holes of disc golf, it was a League Day for the club. I shaved 20 points off. The club record for doing this is 22 points, so wow, I'm very pleased with myself! And I won the League Day for the 3rd time. Soon this curve will flatten out, I'm sure, as my game solidifies. I was just so bad to begin with I think. Now I'm getting one over and two over pars pretty regularly.

On Sunday it was Clean Up Australia Day. With other Perth Disc Golf Association members we walked Cockman Park in Greenwood (this is the disc golf course, it's a public course, you can just walk in and have a game anytime) and cleaned it up, filling about 12 rubbish bags I think. It was pretty clean to start with. Except for cigarette butts which took the longest to pick up! Most of us were equipped with grabberers onnastick, so it wasn't backbreaking.

Anyway, then after 2 hours of clean up and a nice bacon and egg lunch, with groceries provided by the Council in gratitude, apparently for our work, we played another 18 holes, which, whoa was much much worse for everyone playing. In fact, we've all agreed to pretend that game never happened. Not really. Glad all the good shots were with me on Saturday!

Monday we were very tired. Rob fixed my puncture for me and we went for a ride over to Glendalough, as we were intending to go for a long ride on Tuesday and wanted to see how the puncture held up. All good, no dramas there or back.

As helping Mum get her brag book of photos onto her eeePC took much longer than anticipated we decided, as both kayaking and cycling plans had fallen through, to go on a lunchtime cruise on the river on The James Stirling. So we caught the train to Perth, had a cup of coffee at a cafe overlooking the river, and then went on a most pleasant cruise down to Fremantle, seeing dolphins and jellyfish (of course!) and being reasonably satisfied with the lunch as well. (Curry and rice, with some salad and prawns and fruit platter, all of which Rob could eat - it was a buffet, which of course has its cross contamination risks, but all seems well). It's a very nice tour, the commentary is not intrusive, and yeah, I would like to do it again. Perhaps people would like to come with us after Swancon sometime.

It's $60 a head in a big shiny boat. The dining area is spacious and with great visibility. We'll show you the pictures once we have the gallery up. The Mandurah cruises we've been on really don't compare.

So then we came back, and wandered into Tactics and bought some Mahjong racks, and ordered some scoring bones, and then wandered around Perth a bit. We caught the train home and hit Karrinyup, and then helped Mum get ready for travel, had dinner which was awesome minestrone I made on Monday, and then drove her to the airport, had coffee there and then said our goodbyes, 'cause Rob started work again today and we really needed some sleep.

She's arrived safely and now it's time for me to clean the kitchen and do some much needed drawing for the rest of the day.
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Posted on: March 9th, 2011, 12:18pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Visit http://www.cafepress.com/aliciasmith

Posts: 2821
And clearly, so much else has been going on, I failed to mention that we visited Poss on Saturday night, and she cooked us delicious sausages and showed us, among other things, the first episode of Police Squad which made me laugh and laugh. And finally we saw the Daeomon movie of Reboot. Scary Daemon!

We have had a busy time. Gosh it's tiring having fun!
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