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  Author    Hey folks
Posted on: February 16th, 2011, 10:18am Quote Report to Moderator
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Well it's Wednesday and I've been a busy leece. It's been so hot I've not been able to skip watering, which is a little bit of a drag, but the garden would just frazzle up and die without it, so I'm persevering.

It's been exercising time for us, we've started doing a 21 day cardio fitness thing, and the machine is taking it seriously, this is on the EA SportsActive 2, the one with the heart monitor. We have been enduring skipping and running and foot fires and so forth. Only for 20 minutes or so at first , but then it's gradually increasing. It's surprising how quickly the body adapts to this sort of abuse training.

On Friday, in my alternate magical Victorian gurps game, the two cousins took a post chaise along the Monk's Road to the ruin. Which, when they got there, wasn't a ruin. They interacted with past inhabitants, and learned of a woman's body that had gone missing between here and Windermere. Once they got back to their own time, however, they encountered a ghost in the ruin, and found a skeleton in the chimney of the ruin, covered with jackdaw nesting material. Having been found the owner of the skeleton, who was, incidentally, a fellow, not a lass, was able to do them a favour, and provided them with information about the King of the Lake.

Meanwhile Alexander investigates the waterfall, and with the Nykur's aid finds the missing artist's gear dumped in the fall pool. No sign, apparently of bodies. Some scratches on the rock there, which may or may not be significant.

Burley returns the dead otterhound to its owner and is invited to morning tea, and Aesir drops in, together he and Mr Stevenson the host are appalled by Burley's colonial manners, ironic, as Aesir is from a bunch of 'savage' winged folk living on Scafell Pike.

Burley gets the dog's stomach contents analysed, the local subdruid confirms not poison, while Aesir goes for a walk with the Druid, who is concerned about the news of alien horses in Windermere.
Aesir and the Druid are subsequently soaked by the playful Nykur. The Druid retreats to do some research and get a towel.

The King of the Lake might be annoyed at female otters and kittens being hunted, he seems to have an affiliation with the mustelids - locals have mentioned fairy hounds and Dandy Dogs, but he seems to have a particular regard for otters, and doesn't seem sore that weasels and stoats are being killed.

The dead dog is a warning as the players understand it, the vanishing artists are alarming - the ghost fellow said that as long as there were no deaths, all might be well, but does the dog count as a death, something they didn't check with the dear departed. But they do know if the lake falls, and the reeds dry, that will be a very bad sign.

Toward the afternoon, after a regroup and afternoon tea on the porch, it is decided that the cousins will go up to where it might have been that Burley set camp on some poor woman's bones, accompanied by the "African finger snake" that accoding to Burley, is all the rage in Jo'Burg, while Aesir, Alexander and Burley go off to the feast at the Winged Folk village. Dress warm, there's still snow on the peak, guys.

The snake seems to think that it is the objects they obtained from Weyland that might be causing all this sudden weird stuff to be happening. Fancy that.

On Saturday we had the board game club happen, managed to get another game of 7 Wonders, a game of Expos', and a game of Fluxx as well. 7 Wonders was much better on a second play, not to say the 1st play was bad, but I didn't really understand the dynamic then, really, I need to play it a few times through to get the sense of it. I think it's great even now though!

Then it was off to Rob's middle sister's 60th birthday party at the University Club. Very nice food and fun company.

Sunday we met shrydar and rabbit1080 down at Shoalwater Bay and had a good old paddle around, us in our Hobies and shrydar in a beautiful pea green boat that could be pulled apart into modular sections for ease of transport. Very cool, it was a sit on top hired for the occassion. rabbit1080 had her new ski, and we all had a good paddle across to Penguin Island, a picnic with some rellies of rabbit who'd come for a birthday party, and paddled nearly all the way to Seal Island, but the conditions were a little iffy, so we paddled back to the mainland after a short detour to visit rellie's yacht.

Very nice day, it's a lot of fun to paddle around in a group.

On Rampant Commercialism Day we met at the Blood Bank, and I contributed 2 bags of platelets and a bag of plasma, and Rob did plasma. So we did do heart related things...

This week so far has been drawing and cooking and cleanup. And it looks like it'll continue that way, but that's good, perhaps try for a bit lot more drawing if this work is to be ready for the Swancon art show.

Also, I'm getting begging letters from http://www.bv.com.au/general/bike-futures/92039/ who need people just for a couple of hours from 7 to 9 am on the 1st of March, they need counters in W.A and across the nation. My tshirt has arrived! It's very orange, so how cool is that? So please consider it, if that time is available to you, or let your friends know, it will help your council assess riding needs in the area.
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