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  Author    Something grabbed ahold of my hand
Posted on: December 13th, 2010, 4:32pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Something grabbed ahold of my hand
I didn't know what had my hand
But that's when all my troubles began

Or in this case, something grabbed ahold of my weekend, and that's when all the fun began. It started on Friday night when I went into Perth to do a little book shopping with ratfan, and we had a nice peruse of the Dr Seuss exhibit that's in town, way out of my price range, and available space, but lovely to look at though, and his private stuff is very interesting, very Escher some of it.

It's in Murray St, near Mountain Designs and is open this week.

Then we went over to DeVille's pad for B's birthday party. While the decor is fun, the magician working the tables very good, and the gf food absolutely superb (by arrangement), the noise accompanying Miss Alternative was really, really loud, so Rob and ariaflame and I beat a hasty retreat after we'd fed.

On Saturday it was the Christmas bash for Western Australian Boardgames Assoc, so we taught History of the World (6 players in only 4 hours! This is lightning, believe me) and Invasion Earth: The Martian Game. The Bilby's Kangaroo Burger and Chips (both GF) once again very welcome.

Then we picked up some Nando's along the way and joined Poss & Ros for dvd's. Mission Impossible's The Visitors was one of the finer episodes I've seen lately, although I suspect the IMF had access to real alien technology they must've pinched off Torchwood to pull off the regeneration scene. Poss's home made lime, coconut and chocolate cheesecake was also out of this world!

Warehouse 13 gives us a visit to Warehouse II and a cliffhanger, Sarah Jane seem to be descending into fanfic, but hey, it was pretty cool seeing these two together and the line in response to "It could be dangerous "Ha - my grandmother chained herself to Robert Mugabe!" and Haven was also very well done and there was a very good Clue for those with a drawing background.

Sunday we slept in, put away the Shambling Mound of clean clothes and then set to on the spare room which resembles the junk lady's demesne in Labyrinth. One third of it now resembles it somewhat somewhat less, and clothes from quite some years ago have surfaced. This is a bit like having a brand new wardrobe, I've thrown out clothes designated Not Me and rediscovered old friends. More work on that room later I think. It was quite tiring.

And now it's Monday, Rob missed his bus, fortunately Mum had lent us the car so I was able to drive him in. I've just dug a trench for the grey water from the washing machine, and we'll see how that goes, as the citris trees are looking sad. It needs some modification because the soil is so hydrophobic it just runs to the bottom of the slope, but maybe a few terracottaflowerpots facing the flow will retard the force of gravity and momentum some.

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