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  Author    TTR Europe
Posted on: March 22nd, 2007, 10:31pm Quote Report to Moderator
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I've been poking around the Days of Wonder site and I think I've scheduled a game for 7:30 tonight. (Days of Wonder don't seem to know Western Australia has unwillingly had Daylight Saving inflicted upon them, so it's 6.30 by them.

I've never scheduled a game before, and I can't seemed to find out much about it.  Can anyone else see my proposed game? Anyway, I feel like TTR, so if you can see my proposed game and want to sign up for it, go ahead.  It'll be under "My Account" then "Games Schedule".

Let me know how you go. I suspect this won't work with guest accounts, though.

I've never done this before - I'm not sure what happens next. But I'll be online around 7.30 - that's about 4 hours from now, to see what happens, if anything, and to have a game or two.

If you do have an account at DoW,  let me know if it all works okay.
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