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  Author    Primordial Training with the Friday night crew
Posted on: June 11th, 2005, 1:00am Quote Report to Moderator
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No photos this time

First up was a game of Primordial Soup (thanks Mark!)
This was a typically vicious little affair, with a couple of predators wandering around - not to mention the evil parasite. Meantime the noble aged forces of reproduction and armour managed to reproduce faster than they starved, and staggered on to a bare victory:
Rob 46, Mark 45, Steveg 40, Leece 34.

Then we were joined by Ricahard and Clara, whilst Steveg had to depart into the cold and rain, so that meant that we had to introduce Clara to TTR:E.

Clara demonstrated the evil that is taking more tickets - she finished with 7 - and missed only one. This did not, however, win her the game. She was pipped at the post by Mark. Richard, meantime, got blocked out of his mid-points, and I failed to build one vital station.
Mark: 108, 5 tickets, made all of them
Clara 107: 7 tickets, made 6
Leece 82: 2 tickets, made 1
Richard 70: 3 tickets, made 1, but got the longest rail bonus
Rob 59: 3 tickets, made 2 (but missed the big one)

In amongst all of this, we also got to see Steveg demonstrate his latest home-brew camping stove, and we got to show off Rover (the robo-vac) to Mark. Steveg's latest stove effort is quite remarkable for something built from 3 soft-drink cans!

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Posted on: June 11th, 2005, 9:00am Quote Report to Moderator
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It was impossible to get from Athens to Wilno, it got sooooooooooo built up. That was the rail I didn't complete, thank goodness I was able to finish my long rail!
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