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  Author    Leece Ros and Rob tour Europe - sort of.
Posted on: June 3rd, 2005, 9:35am
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Wednesday night saw Leece , Ros and myself take on three-player Ticket to Ride Europe.

What a debacle!

Leece starting things off, pre-empting Ros by a turn or so, with a run down the middle of England. This was followed by a flurry of small builds on the English coast, and around Paris. Ros then proceeded to show amazing luck in her draws, and rapidly build from Lisboa to Danzig, and then took over Eastern Europe. Meantime, Leece built The Tunnel, and tried to make her way to Moscva and down the eastern edge. During all this, I was building disconnected bits through the middle, and, although I had to build a station in London, managed to get my primary of Edinborough - Athena, by way of both my secondaries (although a small diversion to Berlin was required).

I drew another ticket, and found I had already built it, so I drew another - and only had two segments to build. The first took a turn. The two-carriage ferry to Smyra took nearly the rest of teh game!

Leece, meanwhile, was failing to draw anything usefull (while I hoarded useless-to-me white cards), and Ros just ran away with 4-carriage builds, and ended the game with her one needed station (at Dieppe), and a final three-build, leaving Leece 3 segments from completing two of her tickets - leaving her with only one short ticket complete, despite having linked her Paris - Edinborough route neatly via Berlin and Kobenhagen to within a stone's throw of Moskva, while her links from Ezrum took her to Rostov!

Final Scores:

  • Ros(yellow): Ess-Kyi, Mad-Die, Lis-Dan. EE. 1 Station(Die) 150
  • Leece(blue): Edi-Par, Ber-Mos, Ezr-Kob. 40
  • Rob(black): Par-Wie, Ber-Buc, Edi-Ath, +Zur-Bud, +Sof-Smy. 1 Station (Lon) 90

With the end result that Ros nearly lapped poor Leece!

A fun game, despite all that, and a good second round for Ros.
(And a very cruddy phone-photo of the end-state)

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