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  Author    Leece and the ourRoborRos on trains in Europe
Posted on: May 30th, 2005, 12:39am
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Rob and I introduced Ros (My mum) to Ticket to Ride: Europe tonight. She hasn't played Ticket to Ride.

We explained the rules and set to. Ros kept all her tickets and I kept three. (I threw out Palermo to Constantanople, which had no place with my other three, as you'll see.) Rob discarded two.

Ros drew and kept Edinburgh to Athens, Budapest to Sofia, Berlin to Bucharest, Edinburgh to Paris.
Rob drew and kept Lisbon to Danzig, Madrid to Dieppe.

Ros started a surge of building at Edinburgh, rapidly making her way to Dieppe. I found this alarming because I had drawn the Brest to Petrograd card, and it just got worse when Rob built Dieppe to Paris to Brussels to Amsterdam. (He was building the middle of his route to Lisbon to Danzig by way of Dieppe and Madrid)

I built Frankfurt to Brussels in the midst of all this, but it was no good, it all got built up. Yow. Eventually I discarded subtlety (never my strong suite) and during my next two turns built from Frankfurt to Paris and then on to Brest.

My tickets were also Essen to Kiev and Kiev to Sochi, so after watching Rob fool about in Spain by way of Pamplona and Barcelona I built Frankfurt to Essen, because Mum had said something threatening about Essen in the last turn. This made Ros swear and build Amsterdam to Essen.

Rob continued to swan on down in Spain and wandered from Madrid, across the Portugese border into Lisbon. Leece continued her round of subtlety and took Berlin - Warsaw. Guess where I'm going folks?

Ros in rapid succession then alarmed both of us by taking Frankfurt-Munich and Wien-Zagrabe. I built Warsaw to Kiev, and then Kiev to Wilno. There was something of a pause for a while, we were all kind of out of cards. Ros then built Zagreb to Sarajevo. I built Wilno to Petrograd - Phew! made it, then on from there building Kharkov to Rostov, a bit of insurance, in making my way hopefully down to Sochi.

Rob then drew three and kept two, which for him, fortuitously were Paris to Wien and Berlin to Moscva. He needed one link to do Paris to Wien and two for the Moscva link. Aiee. All skill is in vain, I tell you. :-)

Around about this time Ros attempted to tunnel the good sized tunnel from Budapest to Bucharest. It didn't work.

I connected up Berlin and Danzig and a bit later Kyiev and Kharkov

I built the Kiev to Budapest Tunnel after a couple of tries, for the points, at some point around here.

Rob went on to build Berlin to Wien, and then Danzig to Riga to Petrograd. By this time he was clearly the favourite for European Express! Ros then built her Budapest to Bucharest Tunnel. I then brought myself down to two carriages by building Danzig to Warsaw, Ros built Rome to Palermo and Rob built Moskva to Smolensk,
and I built Cadiz to Lisbon, seeing as I had two blue cards left and all, and I wasn't going to risk it on a stupid tunnel. :-)

None of us used any stations.

Rob had his undisputed European Express, which together with completing
Lisbon - Danzig
Madrid - Dieppe
and his good luck draws of
Paris - Wien
Berlin - Moscov

gave him a comfortable win of 126

I got all my tickets

Brest - Petrograd
Essen - Kyiev
Kyiev - Sochi

and a not too bad second on 119

Ros came third on 73,

She got her

Edinburgh - Athens
Budepest - Sophia
But for lack of station use missed out on the highly built up
Berlin - Bucharest
Edinburgh - Paris

However, she really enjoyed the game. Unusual for her, she's generally highly competitive, but in this case is happy to play it again, (where she'll probably thrash us or gang up with Poss on both of us) she said that she enjoyed the journey. She said that she especially likes the fact that you get your cards back if you don't succeed with tunnel building and that it was fun and interesting.

I will be most interested to see the next game with her. Duck and Cover!

Rob says that it was probably one of the most intense games of it he's played, particularly the battles for access around Paris and Berlin. And his final desparate dash for Moskov, when I was trying to end the game as quickly as I could, as I thought his tickets might not have been as far advanced as they were.

Good game. Phew. Thanks folks!

Ugliness around Frankfurt and Paris Leece=Blue Rob=Green Ros=Red

Last modified May 30th, 2005, 12:55am by leece
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Posted on: May 30th, 2005, 12:43am
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The End of the Game Leece=Blue Rob=Green Ros=Red

Last modified May 30th, 2005, 12:44am by leece
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Posted on: May 30th, 2005, 12:45am
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End view of End Game.

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