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  Author    Oh No! There goes Tokyo!
Posted on: May 26th, 2005, 4:27pm Quote Report to Moderator
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This is a free board game available right here. It looks interesting, and funny too...you have to protect your sector of the city and encourage the monster to wander over to your opponents No doubt this will remind people of Creature that Ate Sheboygan...but with more players. But this seems a little a-heh...meatier.  And you get to build Ultimate Weapons and also have the usual cryptic little bits of square card with tanks, infantry and death rays (?!) on them... 

The designer, Matthew Nadlehaft classifies it as: hex and counter, auction/bidding, action point allowance and simulation.

I'm wondering if anyone else has played it? Would anyone be interested in playing it some time? I'm not going to print it out and stick it to bits of card if no one wants to play it, that'd be silly. Oh no, it's alright, I'm sure Rob will want to play. Cool! Big Monster. Big, big monster. Ooooooh.

Meanwhile, Tokyo Tower is having Another Bad Day.

Go! Go! Godzilla! I mean Godran.
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