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  Author    Leece's rambling rev's Weapons of Mass Destruction
Posted on: October 20th, 2004, 10:58am Quote Report to Moderator
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Weapons of Mass Destruction - Leece's Rambling Review

I've been playing Nuclear War ever since I met Rob, so that's quite a while. Since 1987 in fact. Perhaps this has spoiled me for playing WMD, which is toted as being both a stand alone, and as a supplement to the Nuke War sets.

We tested it as a stand alone game. Rob and I played a two player game, and wiped each other out. Then we persuaded Mum to play, she and Rob wiped me out and then she was nuked by Rob, then Rob was wiped out by Mum's final retaliation. (she's played Nuke War before)  That's fine, you expect this in a Nuclear War style game.

Positives: Full Colour. The population cards are beautiful and very amusing. One of the population cards has characters posing from Dork Tower, and another has Nodwick people on it, and so on, very cute advertising. Look out for cameos, the Dr Who one I think is the cutest! The 25,000,000 population card is very impressive.

Also, I very much like the dual warhead/carrier type cards. They can really help.
The way of determining how much damage a nuke does is also pretty clever, you turn up the next card

Another positive is the specials and secrets pretty much reflect recent events, as you'd expect, with references to "your enemy's leader is found in a spider hole" and dodgy voting machines. Some are genuinely clever like the one about You must find weapons of mass destruction! (pick randomly from your enemy's hand, if it's a bomb or a warhead, he loses 5 million, but if it isn't, you lose 1 million!)

But I think that these would be better just shuffled into the Nuclear War Deck and played with the full game.

There's also the advantage that while it plays mostly like Nuclear War, it doesn't take up any more space than a card game.  It's got travel game potential.

But I don't know. There really doesn't seem to be enough propaganda, secrets and interceptors in this version. Perhaps that's the point of the game, but once you get into a nuclear slide there it seems inevitable that the game is going to end pretty quickly.

The lack of spies I find particularly frustrating. After two games it just seems that there's pretty much nothing you can do once your population is lower than that of your oponent and it is all down to who's got the biggest bombs. I know that's the point, but at least in Nuclear War you've got a fighting chance with inteceptors, secrets and spies.

Even Mum was saying, :"Isn't there anything that can stop this?" too many times for it to be the usual "help I'm being shot at!" reaction. This from a woman who regularly cleans our clock at Frag.

A good idea, but I don't think it will hold up to continued play by itself. I think our set is just going to be shuffled into the Nuke War set and used that way, and it is worth buying for that if you enjoy Flying Buffalo's flagship game.

Nice try, 5/10 and artificially flavoured icy pole on a 42 celsius day, on the SId and Nancy Scale, as a stand alone. Use it with Nuclear War is my advice after trying it a couple of times by itself, but maybe it will appeal more to you than to me.

Has anyone else tried it? Does it work better with more people playing?
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Posted on: October 20th, 2004, 3:57pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Haven't played it, first I've heard of it. You might want to contact Charles and play it with him to get his opinion.


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