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  Author    Einfach Genial - Simply Ingenious
Posted on: October 12th, 2004, 8:16am Quote Report to Moderator
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Summary: Another very clever game from Reiner Knizia, and another of his evil 'highest lowest score wins' games.

Critical StatsPublisher: Kosmos; Players: 1-4; Time: 20-40 minutes

The english translation of the game's name is thanks to Google, so it's accurracy is questionable. The aptness is not. This is one of the most 'rules light' games that I have encountered in some years, focussing instead on strategy and a simple, but chaotic mechanic to maintain interest levels.

This game is a very simple tile-placing game. The tiles are two conjoined hexagons, with each half containing one of six coloured symbols. As Leece pointed out, as each colour has a different symbol, people with colour-blindness will have no trouble with this game. The tiles are places on a hex-grid board, and, after the initial round of placements, may be placed anywhere on the board.

Scoring is based on the number of tiles in same-symbol lines that your tile connects to, and you get points for those symbols. Each player also has score track to follow the scores for each symbol, and it is the lowest of these that counts.

The simplicity of the rules hides a wealth of strategic and tactical options, and help maintain a fast pace. With simple, but clear, graphics and such an elegant design, this game scores a 9.5/10 for an abstract game.
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