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  Author    Leece's rambling reviews: New England
Posted on: October 9th, 2004, 5:48pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Clara brought along this board game from Uberplay last night. It has an attractive board and cards, and wooden pieces.

The premise is that you are one of the families settling in New England in th 1600's. You start off with three settlements, and you can add the appropriate land utilisation tiles to these during your turn.

At the start of a round you decide how much money you want to spend for your two actions that turn. The more you will be spending, the more likely you are to enjoy the advantage of being first player for that round.

You may then buy land tiles to add to your arable land or cards which give you other advantages. Once no tiles can be drawn, the game ends.

This game is nothing like Carcassone, but if you like it, you may like this, and it is nothing like El Grande, but once again it has a bit of a similar feel about it..even shades of La Citta'. And Tetris...no really!

Pilgrims get you income, but take up land that could be cultivated, Ships allow you to draw cards, but also take up coastal land that could be growing something...barns take up space too, and can't be moved but can store cards you would otherwise have to play immediately.

We started this at 10:30, we were all a bit tired and most of us hadn't played it before, but it is simple enough that we caught on very quickly, and complex enough to keep us interested without being tortuous.

The one game we had was very close and it does seem to be designed to be as even as possible. The only luck involved is the randomness of the cards and tiles being dealt onto the board to be purchased by the players in turn.

It was good fun and I enjoyed it very much.

Steveg won on 33 points, ahead of Richard and Rob on 32 (Richard ahead on money by enough to break the tie) and myself on 27.

Rating: 8.5 and the sea wind in your face, a tall ship and a star to sail her by on the Sid and Nancy Scale

Last modified October 9th, 2004, 5:49pm by leece
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