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  Author    Butcher's Look at Mondo Wholesale Butchers.
Posted on: May 20th, 2008, 11:09am Quote Report to Moderator
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The Stirling Times has in the past advertised Mondo's Wholesale Butchers, so Mum and I wandered into their place on King Edward Road this morning. That's in Osborne Park.

It's a wholesalers, so you're buying your meat in 2kg at least lots most of the time, but it's a lot cheaper per kilo, and they have interesting stuff that you won't find in your local Coles or IGA.

They're the same Mondo who make the nougat btw, which is also available, and they also sell marinade glaze for ribs and other stuff. Here' s their website. Oh, they have the Il Gelato tubs as well.

They have a frozen section, which is a stand up freezer by their counter which has the game meats, kangaroo and quail and the like in it and a much larger fresh meat section, which is a cold room. Dress warm (I'm not kidding) or use the jacket offered.

Bearing in mind you're buying in 2kg lots we came away with  Kangaroo Fillet at 16.00kg, Organic Beef Stir Fry Strips at 17.50kg, Lamb Shanks at 7.50kg all very reasonable. And mmmm yummy aniseed cacciatore at 16.50kg.

They sell Wagyu and Black Angus beef as well as real budget beef cuts like Beef Heel Muscle (5.50kg), and they were wanting to order in Mutton & Hogget (7.00-7.50kg for a leg or shoulder!) as we were leaving, the guy to fix the phone had just come in. They're at the very end of the driveway that you turn into when you get to Craft Decor on King Edward Road, number 40, unit 5.

Whole ducks and rabbits too.

The service was very friendly, cheerful and helpful.

Their phone number is 94464778, and it looks like where we'll be getting our meat from in the near future. And don't forget Whittington's is just around the corner from them in Collingwood street. Meat AND Spices mmmmmmm.

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