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  Author    Billy Lee's Chinese Restaurant
Posted on: November 18th, 2004, 11:08pm Quote Report to Moderator
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We visited BLCR this evening (a Thursday) with three other friends, and were not disappointed.

Billy Lee's is located at 15/66 Roe St, in the China Town complex. The easiest way to get there is to head out the back of the Old Shanghai food-hall. Inside, it is divided into two levels, each with a servery and each with the omnipresent fresh seafood tank.

For a mid-week night it was extremely busy - packed, even, with all tables taken at 7PM, when we had our booking. Service was prompt to take orders or to deliver side dishes (including rice), but our main courses were somewhat slower to arrive, and we did not start eating until about 8PM.

The menu is mostly traditional Chinese, with the occasional nod to western tastes. We had Peking Spare Ribs (very nice), Pepper Chicken (yum, and very hot), sizzling egg tofu with sweet  chilli sauce (very good, and a close relative of Ma Po Tofu (which we also had, and enjoyed)), a stir-fried vegetable (not one of the cabbages) that had hollow stems and was a good change from the usual, whole Murray Perch, and Singapore Noodles (an odd curry variation - but OK).

The servings were a good size, and the two tofu dishes were excellent, as were the ribs.

Overall, worthwhile to visit, but try earlier in the week, when it may be quieter.

For the seating 4/10 and not enough leg-room on a tour-bus on the Sid and Nancy scale.
For the food, 7/10 and ... I can't think of anything more evokotive that an over-worked chef! Oh well...

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Posted on: November 24th, 2004, 1:58pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Billy Lee's seems to be less crowded pretty much every day of the week before 6pm and after 8:30-9:00pm... think early dinner or late dinner.

That said, even at 11pm or 2am on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday it can be hard to get a table you want - think not squishy and near a scary fish tank

I reckon the food is pretty much average, one of the more affordable favourites. If people are interested, the vego alternative to the Peking Spareribs is the Sliced mushroom in peking sauce. That's good too. I eat there way too much... there are so many other things i would recommend...

muahahahaha food...
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