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  Author    Siena's Restaurant
Posted on: October 2nd, 2004, 9:45pm Quote Report to Moderator
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We visited Siena's Restaurant, 115 Oxford St. Leederville, today for a late lunch.

Keeping in mind that this was about 2PM on a Saturday, during show-week, it was still reasonably busy, with some 4 other tables occupied when we arrive.

Front service was prompt and friendly, but do remember that this was a quiet time.
Our waitress was helpful and attentive, but not intrusive - this is the mark of good waitstaff.

Inside, Siena's is divided into two large main dining areas, with a small alfresco area in the front, and (I think) a larger one at the back. Lighting is good, and the overall impression is one of space and air. I think that, even when crowded, it would be very pleasant.

To open, we ordered the Antipasto, which consisted of a variety of cold meats, attractively laid over a mound of mixed greens, small mounds of olives, feta and pickled capsicum, and a mozzarella and black pepper potato croquette. This proved to be a good appetiser for two, and - with some bruchetta or other bread - would make for a nice lunch for one!

We then followed that with (for Leece) the Pollo Pizzaiola, and the Saltimbocca Romana for myself, accompanied by Chinotto for both of us. On the subject of drinks, Siena's has a very well stocked bar, with a very good selection of wines, beers, spirits, and liqueurs. It also has a good variety of fruit juices and soft drinks, including Italian bitters.

Both main courses were accompanied by a salad and pieces of roasted skinless potato, with the serving size being very much on the generous side. Presentation was conventional, which is something of a relief sometimes, as with some of the more ...err... creative stylings you are left wondering how the heck you're meant to eat it!

Leece's Pollo Pizzaiola is described in her posting below, but looked very attractive to the eye, with the very chunky sauce mounded over the chicken breast. My Saltimbocca Romana, a veal and prosciutio dish, was, while not as impressive as Leece's, still pleasant to look at. It was about 6 medalions of veal, each with a slice of prosciutio, all in a white wine, orange and sage cream sauce. The veal was perfectly cooked, and the proscuitio added a tang to the meat that it normally lacks. The sauce, meanwhile, provided a good smoothing effect over the saltiness of the preserved meat. No one flavour dominates this dish, although the sage can be clearly scented when you are not actually eating, and can even be picked up across the table. It is certainly one that I would recommend.

In addition to this style of dish, they have a wide selection of pasta dishes, and a pizza oven that can produce some very interesting-sounding (and looking) creations. We look forward to trying some next time we visit.

After we finished, we found that we could not fit any dessert in, although I did have a very sharp and cleansing short macchiato. This was something of a shame, as they not only have a tempting-sounding sweets menu, but also a gelato bar at the front of the premises, which is also directly accessable from the street.

All in all, it was a very nice way to have a late lunch, and we look forward to our next visit. Costs were fairly mid-range, with mains coming in at around $17-$19, and appetisers between $5-$9, except for the Antipastos, one of which is vegetarian, at $12.50, and they are in the Entertainment Book, with 25% off, and have (quite rightly) won three casual dining awards from them.


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Posted on: October 2nd, 2004, 10:14pm Quote Report to Moderator
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More detail on my meal, the Pollo Pizzaiola. But first up, the potatoes are worthy of mention. They're cubed, golden and flavoured with thyme. They are absolutely yummerific! Darn sight better than chips, and very original touch. The side salad was fresh, and had a nice dressing that I very much enjoyed.

Now, to the chicken. Chicken is usually rather bland in these dishes, and you generally rely on the sauce to have all the excitement. But this chicken breast actually was very moist - cooked just right & had an actually very distinctive chickeny flavour, it is a unique experience for me with this type of cuisine.

The sauce was thick, and um... at the risk of sounding like a gourmet, piquant. Must have been something to do with the tomotoes and the capers, and each delicious olive added an explosion of localised flavour across the otherwise quite even tasting sauce, no one flavour stood forward; it was very difficult to ascertain individual flavours. Very good, and a dish I'd like to order again.

The staff were excellent, at no time were we left waiting, and they seemed very conscious of us (not a crowded time, though) without being intrusive. I'd also like to state my appreciation of a restaraunt that doesn't try to crowd tables right up against each other. There were some other patrons behind us, but at no time did our chairs do that irritating bash the back of each other thing that is really no fun. (Unless you want it to be...)

I liked the experience here.

8/10 or a warm fire on a cold night on the Sid and Nancy scale.

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