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  Author    Leece's Rambling Reviews: The Immortals
Posted on: November 10th, 2011, 9:49am Quote Report to Moderator
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The Immortals is visually spectacular film whose main strength is in its
vision and, at times, dark and disturbing design elements.

The villain, King Hyperion's hedonistic lifestyle and casual and routine mutilation of
his troops make a great contrast to hero Theseus and his little band. I
particularly liked Stephen Dorff as Stavros, he seemed to be thoroughly
enjoying the role and was a pleasure to watch. Hyperion was just a nasty
guy, doing nasty things.

Although King Hyperion's method of ensuring men defecting to him don't
procreate I'm not sure was meant to raise the laugh it did in the cinema,
and I'm even more certain that the method might be flawed, and may merely
result in a fractured pelvis.

I would have enjoyed this more if I didn't know so much about the Theseus
legend. If you don't know anything about it, don't look it up until after
the movie. I wish that I could have enjoyed the movie on its own terms, but
even though the large sweeping vista of the movie could have easily had
someone of any other name than Theseus at the centre, the recurring bull
motif just served to remind me that the filmakers knew what they were
building on and just decided to take one element or two and make a
completely different story. This is a fault of mine, it is a side effect of
my work that I study Classical monsters and those involved with them, and I
find it a struggle to put it aside.

What also made me twitch was arming Ares with a hammer that looked
suspiciously like (other) inaccurate depictions of a hammer weilded by a
certain god of thunder from a completely different pantheon, and just seems
to be a cynical attempt by marketing to mimic the recent Thor movie.
If it was meant to be a joke, its prescence was not appropriate to a movie
of this grade, it is a cheap shot. This is quite a dark and serious epic
movie, and it's really not on.

The fight sequence near the end involving Gods and Titans is very
impressive. I was expecting gore, but bodies more or less erupted into
'clean' sprays of blood - there was violence, but it was blood, not
eviscerations or anything more yucky than blood shown, which I appreciate,
not one for gore myself.

The battle scenes and fight scenes in general are pretty impressive!

There was a degree of puzzlement for me...why did Hyperion want to release
the Titans anyway? He was doing really well without them. It also seemed a
bit incongruous to have the Titans, trapped in the Pit of Tartarus, guarded
by truly massive mountain and statues, to be so very tiny, human sized & out
of scale with the gigantic surrounds.

This is an epic sword and sandle movie, with landscapes and building built
on a, aheh, Titanic scale and while it doesn't have the witty
script and lighthearted fantasy of Prince of Persia it really must be
complimented on its vision and scope. The recent Clash of the Titans could
have learned something from this movie. The 3D also wasn't intrusive, and
added to to the experience.

6 out of 10 entertaining and Jason and the Golden Fleas on the Sid and Nancy
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