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  Author    This is David Lander
Posted on: April 28th, 2010, 12:28pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Back in the late 80's there was a show called This Is David Lander.  It was a parody of investigative tv journalism.

Rob and I have been hunting it for years.  No doubt you may have heard us go on about it.

Startlingly, it's just appeared on Youtube, and even more startlingly, David Lander is actually played by Stephen Fry, who I know a lot of people on my friends list like. So if you would like to see what Rob and I have been blathering about for 20 years odd, and want to see some early Fry, do have a look below, because it's very amusing, to our minds at least.

This is part one of the first episode, the person posting it on Youtube seems to be cutting them into about 7 minute chunks.

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