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  Author    D-Wars or Dragon Wars
Posted on: March 12th, 2010, 5:34pm Quote Report to Moderator
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You remember, back in the day when Reign of Fire came out and we all said, cool, finally Dragons Vs Tanks! Awesome, just what we've always wanted to see! And we watched it, and it was pretty, um, farfetched even for that sort of genre? Dragons eating ash...look, it was an embarrassment when Rifftrax gave RoF the Mystie treatment, because there was a movie that riffed itself.  But it  had great dragons, even if they didn't give you a decent look at them, and the scene where he reinacts the I'm your father Luke scene from Star Wars was pretty funny.

So you think to yourself Dragons vs Tanks doesn't come along that often and when it does, well, don't expect too much.

Now, we're in the market for a new telly, and they show some pretty slick looking trailers in TV shops, hoping  to con you into a buy. So when I see a huge daikaiju serpent cobra wrapping itself around a skyscraper and then the army facing off an army of reptiles I thought "Cool! Rob's going to love this!"  Even the name said it all, when I asked the salesperson what it was. "D-Wars" Dragon Wars. Awesome, I thought.

Oh, and it was Korean! So when we saw it at JB's for 10 bucks we grabbed it with glee.

So we were all set for a Godzilla ripoff with the worst of all worlds...great, this is what we like! Ooh, a Korean film with an American cast, and no subtitles, it was going to be a howler!

But it actually, as a movie wasn't half bad! You get heaps of dragons, or dragon like entities, and you get to have a really good look at them, and the acting and story - which a lot of critics disliked I thought were quite charming, consistent and interesting. We'd been watching Legend of the First King's Four Gods mini series, also from Korea and it was very interesting to compare them and have seen both of them together, it gave us a bit of background and context. I seem to remember similar goings on in Precious Dragon, the third in Liz Williams exemplary Dr Chen series.

But yeah, for the visuals and the score this one beats all other dragons vs tanks movies.  Oh, and let me tell you, the expressions on the cgi dragons' faces for 10 seconds out emote the constipated looking beast in Eragorn for the full two hours of that lamentable film.

I would say that this movie out daikaijus most Japanese monster movies. It's well worth seeing for fans of the genre. The extras on the video are pretty interesting too.

9.5/10 Terrific and finding a director's cut of Godzilla 2000 on the Sid and Nancy Scale.
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