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  Author    District 9 - a review
Posted on: August 13th, 2009, 10:14pm Quote Report to Moderator
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This evening, Leece and I decided to join the G-Con/Swancon crew in seeing District 9.

This is not an easy movie to review. On one hand, it suffers from an excess of shaky-cam, on the other it is phenomenally violent, vulgar, and visceral (the throwing up and fingernail scenes come to mind). And on the gripping hand, it is a very uncompromising look at the darker side of human society and thinking.

It looks - very bluntly - at the human ability to objectify people. In this case aliens, but you can see where it is being drawn from. The echoes of the apartheid and the holocaust are loud and clear. Whilst we do not have death camps in operation in District 9, we have licensed breeding, forced relocation, vivisection, and exploitation on a massive scale. And the protagonist is a part of this. He is a bigoted, selfish, petty man. He loves his wife, and that is his only positive trait.

This is also not an easy movie to watch. It is very confronting, and will not make you proud to be a human being.

That said, it is an extraordinary film, and one that you should see. The plotting is tight, the cinematography captures the sense of a documentary very well, and the message is clear. It is heavy handed, but it is about the sort of message that is best transmitted in that fashion. It never hides what it is setting out to be, and will make a lot of people very uncomfortable.

8/10 and a short sharp shock on the Sid and Nancy scale.
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