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  Author    Serenity Review - Leece's Rambling
Posted on: August 4th, 2005, 11:45pm Quote Report to Moderator
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I've never been to a movie where you have to put your mobile phone in at the desk and get a metal detector run over you before you go in. They don't want any clandestine copies going out before time.

The MC read a welcoming and funny letter from Joss Whedon and then we got shown two average boring trailers totally not aimed at SF enthusiasts, and then a splendid Wallace and Gromit Curse of the Were Rabbit trailer, which was a bonus.

But you want to hear about Serenity, the Firefly movie.

We saw a fairly unfinished version, no end credits and the music wasn't finished yet, I think. I'm not sure how long it ran, I was completely immersed. It's fast paced, very intense and very trim. Nothing is wasted, and it is a real treat for watchers of the short lived TV series. Somehow though, they let people who haven't seen the series in too, so they're not floundering, and it's done in a clever way, and is definitely NOT dull for those of us who've seen the series.

It's also a very good movie in its own right, and I think non-watchers of the show will enjoy it. There's some great spaceship conflict, and the SPFX are more what you'd expect from real life, which makes it a bigger impact for me.

The characters are great, the actors are really putting their hearts into it and it shows. There's mystery and suspense and drama and some bits of almost unbearable suspense...questions are answered and others are asked...

The movie rocks. It's got everything that fans of the series would want, and everything that a 'normal' cinema goer would want and a lot of what they need.

We are so going to see this when it comes out at the end of September.

Thank you to Greater Union Innaloo for holding the session, and thank you to Mr Ferstat who let us know it was on.

I rate this rough cut of this movie 8/10 (but only due to stuff which I'm sure will be fixed
in the finished version) and a good flying dream on the Sid and Nancy scale.

Last modified August 5th, 2005, 12:32am by leece
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Posted on: January 10th, 2006, 11:30am Quote Report to Moderator
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Well I'm mildly concerned anyway...

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I was just reading the Serenity Dvd blurb. The Australian release (8/2/06) is going to contain scenes not shown at the cinemas ~

Now I have to decide if I am a sad enough fan to buy the Collectors Edition version, which is the same Dvd in a pressed Tin case. It costs $3 more...

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Posted on: January 10th, 2006, 1:12pm Quote Report to Moderator
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That's the one I ordered!

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Gazza the amused
Posted on: April 6th, 2006, 3:02pm Quote Report to Moderator
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heh the film was amusing and enjoyable.
thinking on it i couldn't  work out why i liked it as much as i did.
the whole cowboy in space bit usually disturbs me
Although the ss like uniforms of the new battlestar series disturbed  me more.
The whole mindshift between the two series says a lot, from texas rangers to stormtroopers is scary.

but i think the reason i enjoyed it is that the main lead reminded me of a han solo as he was supposed to be.

a bit late i know but what the heck
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