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  Author    Evernight
Posted on: October 23rd, 2009, 12:30pm Quote Report to Moderator
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I've not read much of this Vampire Teen Romance genre, but at the Quiz Day I became the owner of a couple of the first books in one of these series on the recommendation of one of the other table members.

The first is called Evernight, and the second, Stargazer. These are a great deal of fun, and the characters are believable, and they have some very surprising things happen in them from completely out of the blue. I was *really* startled at some of the reveals. Wuh!

Bianca is starting out at a very creepy, Gothic Mansion type private school called Evernight. Some students are popular....others not so much...
The claustrophobic oppression of the school comes through really well in the writing.

This is very  character driven too, which is what I enjoy in a book.

They're written by Claudia Gray and a refreshing change from the usual run of stalker vampire angsty teen.

I do like the matter-of-fact way the characters deal with their emotional problems. "Okay, I stuffed up. How can I fix this" sort of attitude, which I think is really refreshing.

I certainly will be wanting to read more of this, even though it's not my usual, I'm really enjoying this.

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