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  Author    Angelos
Posted on: June 11th, 2006, 8:36am Quote Report to Moderator
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Review of Angelos  – By Robina Williams
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
ISBN:  1-9333353-60-0


Robina Williams has penned a brilliant sequel to “Jerome and the Seraph” with her latest offering in the form of “Angelos”.  It is another look at life in the afterworld through the innocent eyes of Brother Jerome.  When a Minotaur and Jerome are flung each from their own world, to that of the other, the reader is treated to a thought provoking and entertaining look at the metaphysical side of life.

Ontology it can be said is the study of the conceptions of reality.  Quant the friary cat, tries in his unique way, to educate the rather non-perceptive Jerome in the intricacies of the interaction between the past and present, the known and unknown.  It takes little effort on his part to transgress his body from one place and one world to the next.  This is a process that Jerome handles with great difficulty and often finds himself in trouble because of it.

Jerome is a reluctant student of Quant, who at times thinks he has the solution to the cat’s concept of time and space mapped out in his head.  Then quite suddenly he realizes that he is further away from understanding what is happening than he was before.  This both amuses and frustrates Quant as he takes Jerome on a tour of Knossos and other mythological places from the past.

Throughout the book the reader is given glimpses of the inner turmoil going on in the friary now that the Fidelis’ replacement has arrived.  The new guardian, Aidan, is a person traveling on a personal journey of discovery in the wilderness of his soul.  How he attempts to resolve his inner torments and doubts casts the equilibrium of the friary into a spin.  The possible final resolution of this quandary keeps the level of suspense within the friary at a high pitch.

The author’s lucid imagery through her choice of language gives the story its solidarity.  Intertwined within the fabric of the plot are passages of prose that challenge the concept of religion in relation to a culture’s understanding of itself, and where it fits into the cosmos.  Quant provides an excellent platform to carry through ideas dealing with where a modern society sees itself and where it has come from. 

This is a thought-provoking book that I found delightful to read.  It is as every bit as good as its predecessor “Jerome and the Seraph”.  Readers of that book will welcome “Angelos” into their library with enthusiasm, as will those readers new to this wonderful author’s craft.

Review by Warren Thurston
Owner of Pentales
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