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  Author    The Secret Chronicle of Oisin
Posted on: June 4th, 2006, 9:02pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Review of ‘The Secret Chronicle of Oisin’
Author: Adrian Rogers
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing


Death is a mystery that one day will have its secret revealed to all of us.  Adrian Rogers in his latest book ‘The Secret Chronicle of Oisin’ takes the reader on an imaginative journey in the way he portrays death.  He again uses the genre of fantasy to link his previous book ‘The Time Tunnel and the Grail’ to that of his latest epic.

Oisin is a warrior of Erin who fears nothing in the living world.  His hardened life has conditioned him to react instantly in an aggressive manner to any threat to his well being or the ones he loves.  Naomh is a fairy princess who in her own way is as much of a warrior as Oisin.  She plays a pivotal role in forging the role he takes throughout the book.

They are brought together in a marriage that sees the worlds of the immortals and mortals blended into one.  It is as though there is no real separation between myth and reality, each part containing a portion of the other.

Their marriage takes place in Tyr n’a n’Og, and is not long consummated when the match comes under a dire threat.  Death has managed to force his way into the kingdom of the immortals, and weave his destruction into the fibre of their existence.  To survive this threat to their tenure on eternity, Oisin is chosen to embark upon a quest.

How he tackles the challenge thrown to him by King Bran will test all the facets of his character.  The fate of Tyr n’a n’Og rests on his shoulders.  It is a task that fills him with doubt about his inner strength.  Yet he can only get answers to all his questions by venturing into the realms of uncertainty that his quest will throw at him.

Lovers of dark fantasy will love this book.  The author has written it in a style that entertains through the richness of its language and thought provoking concepts.  It is a book that can be read from two different perspectives.  Strictly as an action epic in a fantasy environment, or as a deeper reading experience where one’s intellect needs to reflect on hidden meanings.  If the reader is prepared to take the time and think about what is presented to them, they will get immense pleasure from the reading.

It is a book I found gave rise to a greater understanding of a culture’s attitude to death.  Not in a macabre way, but in a manner that both entertained end educated on the intellectual level.  If one is looking for a different slant in the genre of fantasy, filled with strong images and rich language, this is the book for you.

Review by Warren Thurston – Owner of Pentales

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