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  Author    Addbib Explained
Posted on: October 24th, 2004, 10:26am Report to Moderator
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The 'addbib' format is a standardised method of recording bibliographic information so that it is easy to archive and and sort. The format was defined by the 'addbib' program, a part of the Bell Labs 'Developers Documentation Suite', originally a part of the early UNIX releases by Bell Labs.

This format is very simple, and uses one line per tag, with the tag at the start of the line, followed by the text. e.g.:
%A Robert Masters
%T Guidelines for book reviews - Read before posting

At a minimum, one of the %A, %Q or %E tags, and one of the %B, %T or %J tags should exist.  Note that ISBNs are not defined, as they were not in use at that time. To include an ISBN, use ISBN:.

Here is a selection of the most common tags:
%A  Author's name
%B  Book containing article referenced (for short stories)
%C  City (place of publication)
%D  Date of publication
%E  Editor of book containing article referenced
%G  Government order number
%I  Issuer (publisher)
%J  Journal containing article
%N  Number within volume
%O  Other commentary, printed at end of reference
%P  Page numbers
%Q  Corporate or foreign author (unreversed)
%R  Report, paper, or thesis (unpublished)
%S  Series title
%T  Title of article or book
%V  Volume number
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