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  Author    Strange sighting down at Scarborough beach.
Posted on: October 27th, 2004, 12:14pm Quote Report to Moderator
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This morning, 27th October, around about 10:30, I saw a largish pale bird being swooped by a magpie, a magpie lark and other, smaller birds, possibly swifts, repeatedly down near Scarborough.

As it looked like a white, flying log with speckledy bits, I could've sworn it was an owl of some sort. I've seen them down there at night. But during the day? Has anyone seen this sort of behaviour before?

The closest I've come to it is a Southen Boobook being screeched at by a bunch of White Cheeked Honeyeaters!   But this was while it was sitting inoffensively, low down in a tree at around 5:00pm or so. Outside the Karrinyup Library, actually.
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