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  Author    30km Bunbury freeway extension ride
Posted on: September 9th, 2009, 3:49pm Quote Report to Moderator
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So I just type a message here and it shows up some

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Who's coming to...

http://www.cyclosportif.com.au/highway-bike-ride.htm ?

I have more info from an email exchange too:

Quoted Text

I have a couple of questions about the freeway bike ride you're organising.

* Is there any facility for people wishing to ride less than 30km?

Your info page says "Upon the finish of the event, the new PSP Freeway
Cycle Paths will be open to riders wishing to ride back along the
Freeway Extension towards Perth."  This tends to imply that you can't
just ride to, say, the first interchange then ride back along the bike
paths.  Can you ride back along the other side of the freeway, perhaps?

* Will there be any lane closures or other protection in place for
people riding between the train stations and the start and end of the
freeway ride?

Google Street View shows no bike paths for sections of Safety Bay Rd and
Pinjarra Road. If you're willing to risk your tyres, Safety Bay Rd has a
wide shoulder. Pinjarra Rd doesn't even have that. I believe the speed
limit for both roads is 80km/h. It's obviously dangerous to be riding at
less than 25km/h on those roads.

Yours, Chris J.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your email.

You are welcome to ride less than 30 km; however the issue is getting across
to the PSP cycle path from the northbound lane of the freeway. There is
shrubbery and dirt between this path and the road, so you will have to make
your way to the path carefully. Please be advised that you will have to be
off the freeway itself by 10:30 am; however the PSP cycle paths will be open
from 9:00 am onwards.

Unfortunately due to our lack of planning time for the event, and the
logistics with the opening ceremony, we are unable to close any of the roads
leading from the train stations to the start/finish.

The other option is the shuttle service that will be offered from Pinjarra
back to Stocklands car park, which will take one family member (without a
bike) back to retrieve his/her car for pick-up.

I hope this is helpful.


Sydney Nusbaum

I've found a way to make it work, will I see any of you there?

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