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  Author    Ride to Work Day 2008 - some advertising fun
Posted on: August 24th, 2008, 8:00pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Knowing how bad cycling groups tend to be at direct advertising, I decide to make some mobile bill-boards for National Ride to Work Day 2008.

This is how it turned out:

The rest of the photos are  here.

This also gives me a chance to show of my nice new trike! 
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Posted on: October 15th, 2008, 2:48pm Quote Report to Moderator
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So I cycled in to meet Rob in Perth on Monday, towing the National Bike To Work advertising trailers, and had a bit of a break yesterday...let's see what happened yesterday...ah yes, a beautiful dryad is taking shape in black and white. More colours may emerge.

This morning, at 5.50 Rob and I rode into Perth and parted at Claisebrook. We were towing our trailers, with the signs for the last time this year, because today was the big event. Rob rode into his work at Welshpool and enjoyed a breakfast there (I believe bacon was involved, and croissants), and I went to the ABC Centre Caffissimo and had coffee, juice, banana, muesli bar and fruit roll and helped the organiser pack up afterwoulds. Talked to another 'bent rider and got lots of interest in the trike, the trailer and the signage.

At around 9.30 we were all done, and I started home. Because they had a lot of drink and muesli bars left over I was showered with stuff - the seven + litres of juice were actually very useful, because it meant the trailer didn't go over like it did on Monday.

It was a pretty long slog home, with this howling NW wind, that gradually got cooler and more westerly as I reached Odin Road. It was a bit of a slog, and I'm certainly glad to be home, the trailer, the wind and the additional weight really slowed me up. As did the heat, I miss winter already, I had to stop in the shade and cool off for a bit.

Still it was a good morning. It was nice to be able to hand out spare juices and muesli bars to latecomers after the organisers had gone, and even to a couple of feisty seniors ladies who asked for something for walking all the way from Claisebrook, I think they were on a tour of the ABC studios.

Much thanks to Baker's Delight, Bev who I think is from the BTA, and MBF health for sponsoring this event.

It's Rob's b'day on Friday, so we're going out to Indian buffet with his big sister tonight. Fancy we'll have an appetite.

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