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  Author    GenghisCon 2009
Posted on: January 8th, 2009, 11:07am Quote Report to Moderator
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GenghisCon - another reason to attend!
Genghiscon has asked me to do a drawing monsters workshop on Saturday morning at 9.00.

So, Build your own Bestiary with leece. You don't need to be able to draw! Gold illumination available! Well, gold pen, anyway. You can bring gold leaf etc if you like, but otherwise ALL MATERIALS  PROVIDED! Free!

Find out why the asp is illustrated with one ear to the ground and its tail in the other! A huge pallette of colour - green! red! blue! yellow! brown! gold! white! black!  Grypohons! Dragons! Strange Beasts! Draw from a description or just fool around with watercolour inks and charcoal. It'll be fun!

Limited to 15 peoples.
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Posted on: January 16th, 2009, 12:03pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Genghiscon 2009

Written then and  now, so my tenses are all over the place. Editors, avert your eyes.

Friday night...we arrived at G-Con after a day rushing around buying airconditioners and our new kayaks, which look like they're not really viable to transport on Vila. (the 3cylinder Mighty Boy – like Vila in Blake's 7 – small, yellow and good in a tight spot) Despite this, we got them home, and now we're at Genghiscon.

It was pretty hot, but now, at 20:06 it's  pleasantly cooling down. We got in, registered, and then had dinner with ariaflame and Mark S over at Tiamo, which was actually booked for the night, but who kindly managed to fit us in.

We had some very nice pasta, while Elaine, having pizza'd first, had coffee and a slice of cake.

Now we've come up to the gaming room, and kremmen, ariaflame, Mark S and Rob are settling down to a game of Blue Moon City while I type this while chatting to firvulag.

While that went on, I played a few games of “We didn't play test this at all” with Simon and firvulag and then taught Army of Frogs to firvulag and Greg.

I then entered a game of Blue moon city with Tim from White Dwarf Books, Mark S and firvulag, which I won! Rob meanwhile, sounds like he's playing Girl Genius. Then Rob joined Tim from White Dwarf Books and Mark S and I in another game of BMC which Rob won after a hard fight.

Tully came to borrow Khet and Bronny and crew enjoyed a game of Army of Frogs. We stumbled off to bed, I just have to grab some links for my workshop tomorrow, and we can sleep.


We roused up early because I had been asked to run a workshop first thing – drawing mediaeval bestiary creatures.

I got a good turn out of people who were all very brave and who turned out great pictures, each and every one of them, bold, bright and visually appealing, just like the mediaeval bestiaries.

People made their sketches with charcoal, applied gold if they were using it, and then used watercolour inks for the colour, and finally outlining in black ink with a brush.

It had great results! They all looked really professional.

Now we're playing Credo which Matt won.

Off we went for food at Spices, during which we watched people hitting each other with foam rubber weaponry in the shady grassy courtyard, I ate a mango which woke me up slightly and then we ducked back with Ariaflame for a cup of tea and then enjoyed Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog.

We went upstairs and played a couple of the Zman B Grade Movies. Now we're  sitting The Terrazza restaurant bar waiting for dindins.

Hampden Road was strangely deserted Saturday evening. I don't know where the usual evening revellers were.

Dinner at Terrazza was very pleasant, the Spanish Chicken is really, really good.  Afterwoulds we wandered back up to gaming and played The Three Commandments, which was fun, if nervewracking. We played a couple of fun rounds of We Didn't Play test this at all, and  then I watched folks play Australian Menagerie.

Then we sat about chatting, and the sleep debt is really catching up, so I'm crashing.


This was the day the convention ended, and I was a lot more awake. I only yowled once or twice instead of continually as I had the day before.

We got up and had breakfast. We wandered about a bit, went for a walk with Ariaflame to secure lunch supplies while it was still not so hot, and then...well, it gets kind of blurry...there were some games in progress...we were mostly hiding inside in the cool...playing around with the crayons that I got that could draw on skin...we had lunch with Ariaflame... at some point we watched a very interesting panel on the open source 3D printer – the Reprap. The Ύ built machine looks like it's going to be very useful once it's done.

Then we settled down to a good, solid Battlestar Galactica game and boy was it long and horrible for the human side.

kremmen insisted that I was a cylon, and to keep me in the brig – and I was too tired by that stage to protest. On the other hand...I could at least bleed away a small amount of cards from people by trying to get out. I do enjoy that game.

Then we said our goodbyes and came home. We didn't see the Cthulhu pinata or the Rampage, but it was pretty hot.

Genghis con, as usual comes about as a result of a huge amount of effort from volunteers. This was an excellent con, the breakfast was very nice this year too, and I will remember both it and the Con very fondly.

Thank you to all of the committee, the President and minions and sponsors, I had a rockin' time.

An especial thank you to all of the people who came to my workshop, you were really dedicated and you all produced very worthy illuminations, I'm so proud.

I really wanted the con to go on another day!

Here's some photos mostly of the workshop.
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