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  Author    Swancon 2007 Inconceivable! Our Con experience.
Posted on: April 10th, 2007, 4:32pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Posts: 2821
Apologies in advance for switches of tense to those editors who might be reading. This was written partly at the con, and partly at home, afterwoulds.

Pre Con Wednesday we woke up not very bright and early. However we managed to get packed and into the blood bank okay to give our plasma donations all ready for the people who always inadvertantly leak around Easter.

We drove to the hotel, and checked in, and soon met up with kremmen. kbpenguin turned up pretty soon after, and we taught them Gnostica, which Rob won severely.

We're now in the middle of one of our new games, On the Underground, which kbpenguin and kremmen are teaching us. We're breaking to go off to dinner which is the guest banquet. Tori and prk have offered us, very kindly a lift there, and we've accepted.

Thanks guys!

We all drove to the Cinnamon Club, which gave us a really nice banquet, very good feed. We were fortunate to be seated at the same table as Elizabeth Moon and David Gerrold, and while David was fairly quiet, (but I may just have not noticed if he was talking, as he was further down the table from me)  Elizabeth (who I was sitting next to) was very warm, friendly and interesting, with anecdotes and cheerfully answering questions about her books and all kinds of things. She continued on this way throughout the entire con any time I saw her.

When we'd finished dinner, we came back to the hotel and finished our game with kbpenguin and kremmen, and we're pleased with On the Underground, it's a good game.

We chatted a bit to the hotel manager and some of the staff, they enthusiastically said that they were looking forward to being invaded by all the science fiction people...and they continued in this vein throughout the entire convention.

Even at the end, when we were leaving! I must say, all the experiences we had were positive in the hotel. They got us a table and 3 extra chairs so that we could game in our room - they were constantly going around checking the jugs of water were full in the various rooms and the glasses were being replaced. So many previous hotels have let them run dry, even if they have them at all! But we never ran out.

We were sorry that the spa in our bath didn't work, but that was alright, the bath was pretty good, and the pillows tried to put a knot in my neck, but those are minor against the all over experience we had.

It was really good, they looked after us really well. This is such a contrast to some previous hotels where sf fans are looked on as highly questionable and a real bunch of weirdos that they want out of the hotel as soon as possible.

In fact, on our last night, we wanted to play a long game with a large than usual board. We could have played it in our room, but I asked reception if it would be alright if we continued in the Acacia Room after the convention had finished. They said it would be fine, and just to let them know when we were done!
Furthermore, they came to clean up while we were playing, and instead of clearing everything away, left a jug of water and glasses for us to use while we played. That's what I call service!

The All Seasons Perth Acacia Hotel is a great hotel, very friendly, helpful and with excellent staff.

Wednesday night gaming:

Gnostica, the game that uses Tarot Cards and Icehouse pieces.

Leece 2 points
kbpenguin 2 points
kremmen 3 points
Rob 8 points

Rob got onto the edge of the board, and managed to build away from people who meant him harm, and just ran away with it.

On the Underground, the game using a plan of the London Underground designed by Sebastian Bleasdale.
And, yes, it does have Mornington Crescent as one of the destinations. It's not at all like any of the Ticket to Ride games except for a fleeting resemblance to the Marklin edition.

kbpenguin 41
kremmen & Leece 42
Evil Rob 45

So it was kind of a Rob win night that night.

It's now 1.17am, and we should go to bed to be up for breakfast in the morning.


We got up, unfortuneately I had a headache, due to the evil hotel pillows that would continually haunt my poor sore neck and head throughout the convention.

The headache soon went after we sustained ourselves with the hotel's excellent breakfast, and lots of coffee.

We said hello to Paul A. and let David Gerrold in peace to read his book while we had seconds. Just as we were heading out on our mission to Jaycar we caught up with kbpenguin & kremmen and the McCaws. We had a brisk walk to Jaycar, got our shiney Skype phone and our little sealy bags for the rail parts in our new game, On The Underground from Bunzl which sells such things. Little sealy bags, not games - but a good place for boardgamers to know about.

We went back by way of lots of Asian supermarkets, looking for unsweetened Oolong tea in a can, but gave up after getting some tinned cold coffee.

Dropped the shopping back at the hotel, got freshened up and found the tea, not in cans, but in 500ml bottles in the supermarket nearest the hotel.

So we'd had our excercise!

Saw Elizabeth Moon being interviewed by Ian Nichols in the restaurant on the way back too, so things were starting to crank up.

Returned to kremmen's and kbpenguin's room, played On the Underground again:

Leece 31
Rob 47
kremmen 48
kbpenguin 53

Then we played David and Goliath which is new to us, but has been around a while. It's quite cute, I enjoyed it, and it was about all the complexity I could deal with at the time.

kremmen 139
Mark S.    137
leece      123
Rob        107

Now the con was officially open! Registration was quick, on time and painless. This is by all means not a given, and the committee is to be commended. Then we invaded the gaming room and played 6 player Gnostica, to the entertainment of onlookers, and kremmen won on 10 points for a 9 point game!

Then we went off to dinner!

We wandered off with Mark and Steveg and went to The Sparrow restaurant, which isn't very far from the hotel. They were very crowded, and promised that if we waited 2 minutes, a minute, less than a minute they would find whether they had a table for us! So we did, and they were true to their word.  It was very impressive. They have a good menu with inexpensive dishes and I certainly enjoyed my quail which was very nice,  and I understand, a good size for quail! It satisfied me, anyrate, along with my entree of chicken spring rolls, and wontons, and some of Steveg's whitebait and peanut too.  I shared Rob's dessert of shaved ice with palm seeds, grass jelly and Stuff. It was the 'cocktail'. Mark said his rendang curry was excellent too, and Rob's hot sour prawns met with his approval. Steveg had chicken of some sort but I don't know what it was. We shared golden vegetables with 7 kinds of mushrooms, and that was good too. Golden coconut rice was devoured by all. Very nice. Oh, Steveg and Mark had a dessert of sweet black glutinous rice which tasted good as well.

In the middle of the meal we were all interupted by the proprietor who insisted that the restaurant sing Happy Birthday to poor “Kim” who, as a teenager was understandably overwhelmed by embarrassment and his unreptant family and friends.

Very sweet!

I'm glad we went because afterwoulds it was going to be closed all Easter. I've never had quail before. I'm glad I've got small hands, it's finicky, but delicious!

After dinner we talked for a little while out there in the public area, checked out the games room, which is well stocked with four good tables and chairs which were starting to be filled. It's a good games room, such a pleasant change from some conventions where boardgames are something of a poor cousin to be put in the broom closet and hope no one notices. This is a good set up. Later, we moved a fifth table in, and all of the tables got good usage.

Despite this, because of the noise of the restaurant had kind of instilled in me a desire for some peace, we kidnapped Ben and Hespa (who I don't think we'd met before - they're both good value and wicked gamers), Mark and Steveg to our room where we had Martian Coasters 5 player set up, and I played it with them. Despite this kindness they all stomped on me with big heavy boots when it became very clear that I was going to thrash them all as they deserved. Hespa ended up winning in the end.

So then we wandered out into The Wide World to teach Mark and Steveg On the Underground. This too, was a mistake as Steveg, after initial rules clarifications stormed over the lot of us at the end and tromped us into the ground.

Battered, bleeding and bruised, we're retiring for the night. They play rough around here! Steveg on 48, Mark on 45, Leece on 43 and Rob on 38.


We got up in good time in the morning, me still suffering a poor sore head and off we went to breakfast. Still good! Mmmm mushrooms. Lots of people, chatted to Danny and Sophie at our table, saw lots of people, including myrystyr who I recognised because he was wearing had one of my Black Manticore tshirts recently, on the cinnamon shirt, I'm glad he bought it and that it turned out so well for him. He kindly offered to take photos which we'll see up presently.

We grabbed the crate and as Steveg was finishing his Pirates of the Carrabean monopoly set game he joined me, Rob and Mark S. and Mark C. at Pirates of the Spanish Main! the little ship table top game. Oh dear, we were arrayed against Calim the Squid and the Straw Man.
Then the fire alarm went. Everybody very calmly put down their things and trouped outside into the beautiful day. And as soon as it was declared safe, we, as True Gamers, trouped back inside and turned our back on it.

Mark C lost his fear of the Squid and blew most of it away, while Steveg polished it off. I bravely blew the hell out of the Straw Man before she got close enough to mind control me, or rather the crew, the infamous Papa Doc did!

I sailed away with most of the treasure with my French ships and won!

Then it was lunch and we grabbed some lunch in our room and then set up for the tournament, the Not Tonight Josephine Tournament that we had organised, the last one of three, and we hoped, The Big One. Tess from Toss, Ink P/L donated the games unasked, and we would encourage people to visit her website, and to discuss and review the game on boardgamegeek, or at least record that you played it.

Unfortunately this clashed with the book signing....oh well.

Rob and I had a brief moment of peace and quiet in our room after lunch. Then we charged out and shuffled the NTJ cards and got set up.

We had on Table One, the Orange Table:

David C
Tim Mc
Caris C

The coins flowed thick and fast! It was a very impressive game! kbpenguin won the first coin but then David got two coins in rapid succession. There was quite a lot of traffic and noise through the games room, and our players had to put up with a lot, thanks to them everything proceeded pretty well. Most spectators, because the tournament attracted a lot of attention, were manfully preventing themselves from supplying answers for the competitors, and we had no real incidents.
kbpenguin was looking very strong there, something of a bullet performer and kremmen rocketed up as well. Tim also made a strong showing. Coman didn't do so well but seemed to be enjoying himself anyway.

The tournament generated a lot of interest in the game, and several spectators and players were keen on finding out more and who knows, some may like it enough to purchase it for themselves.

By the end of the first game everyone had spent their magic tokens to give themselves a chance at winning a coin, and the result was very tight, except for David C, who made a truly magnificent effort in this first round, not only ending with 6 coins but also making it back to the finish point as well!

David C – 6
kremmen - 5
kbpenguin - 4
Tim Mc - 4
Coman - 1
Caris C – 3

Rob was the observer for the 2nd Table, The Blue Table, and here's his report on their first round.
Things were very slow to start, with the players finding the initial questions to be (as they always are) oddly quirky. On this table we had:

Mark S
John M-D
Shelly Mc

First blood went to Mark, quickly followed by Frü, and then Jenny. A little while later, Reyhan grabbed the next coin, and then Frü grabbed his second.  As with the first table, we had a steady stream of spectators come and watch. A couple of them are particularly keen to play outside of the tournament, now that they have seen the game in action.

The game on the second table went right to the wire, with Shelley scoring her only coin in the final round, after time had expired!

Final scores for round one were:
Mark – 4
Reyhan – 4
Frü – 3
Jenny – 2
John M-D – 2
Shelley – 1
Shirley – 0.

Then we had to resolve the tiebreaker between Frü and Caris which we did by asking them questions until one of them got something wrong. This resolved itself to make Frü the winner for the last slot in the grand final.

Then it was time to go to Elizabeth Moon's GOH speech, and off we went. She gave us some marvelous anecdotes, including a particularly poignant one about receiving her sword, Gunny. She shared her experiences raising an autistic child, and while several stories had been already told at the banquet, it was nice to hear them again.

People asked her some interesting but at times uncomfortable questions, and she answered them with fortitude. I asked her three questions – did she ever re-read her own books for pleasure? Yes, she does.
Which one is her favourite? Deed of Paksenarrion, because Pak is so nice. And the third one, What is her favourite drink? (Because she deserved one for telling us all the story about the sword). Elizabeth's favourite drink is lemon soda with lots of lime, so I went and got the bar to make her one, which she seemed to enjoy. So now you know.

After the GOH speech we went of to the Indian Restaurant on the corner and most of us – Chris Creagh, Mark S, Steveg, Leece, Rob, Cameron, John MD, Tim, Bronny  had the meat Thali which was delicious. Cameron had a huge meat filled triangular bread thing which looked very interesting, and Bronny had chicken tika marsala, and it was all very delicious!

After dinner we got some desserts to take away from the restaurant, we stuck our noses in at the Trailer Park presentation for a little while – missed the start, but saw trailers for Spiderman 3, Paprika, Dororo, Fantastic 4 2 and Rob saw the one for Sunshine.

This was while I was looking for a printer to print out my lyrics for the filk David Gerrold asked me for the song I wrote about Chtorrans. (He darted by the gaming room and I spoke with him briefly about it and he asked me for a copy of the lyrics) I wan't succesful, and I haven't been able to catch back up with him. I may have to write it out.

We left Trailer Park and rested briefly in our room and then got ready for the Grand Final of the Not Tonight Josephine tournament.

All of the finalists turned up, much to Caris's dissapointment, she was hoping that someone would default, no one had, they were all very keen on winning a copy of the boardgame for themselves.

The game started very slowly. Everyone hoarded their tokens and were cautious in play. The most hated category became Quotations.  kbpenguin took the lead eventually, and was soon matched by Tim and Mark.
David left his run very late, and actually had a token left at the end of the game!

The game ran out of time and the players completed the round of play so everyone had an equal amount of turns. At the end, David, kbpenguin and Tim had all scored a total cumulative 8 points each so we went into Einstein Factor Mode.

Rob and I asked them all the same question. They wrote down the answers, and wrong answers were disqualified.

kbpenguin was bowled by a Baron Munchausen question and came third.

David and Tim then were neck and neck. Tim was the winner after 5 tiebreaker questions! A very tough game indeed! Congratulations to all of the competitors and thank you very much for playing!

Grand Final Results

David – 2
kremmen – 2
kbpenguin – 4
Tim – 4
Mark – 3
Reyhan – 1
Frü – 1


David – 8 Second!
kremmen – 7
kbpenguin – 8 Third!
Tim – 8 Winner!!!!!
Mark – 7
Reyhan – 5
Frü – 4

We presented kbpenguin and David with consolatory Pocky and Tim with his very own copy of Not Tonight Josephine.  Special mention must be made re Mark Sander, who has faithfully participated in every tournament in the hopes of winning his own box, but alas, has been pipped every time. Aww.

Very special thanks goes to Toss, Ink Pty Ltd and the lovely Tess, who donated the grand prizes of three copies of the game for the last three tournaments. Thank you very much. Visit the website, buy the good, fine game!

After the game we were dragged cheerfully into a game of the new and improved The Big Idea. We had 8 players, so it was going to take a while. And it did. But it was fun.

I mean, you'd put your venture capital into such superlative products as:

Non stick plague. (easy to clean  up after depopulating enemy countries)
Inflatable Lubricated Pontiff. (it's one of kremmen's.)
Extreme Sexy Cat Drug (Instant Cat Girls!)
My favourite – the Gigantic Death Bagpipe (kbpenguin's genius here...)
The Atomic Personal Toy (Er...)
Desktop Happy Glue (The worrying thing is Rob wrote all these faithfully down for me to put here for your edification. How's your Edi?)
Martian Fruit Paint
Herbal Penguin Cereal
Instant Erotic Obelisk
Musical Bubbly Government Monster (Everyone invested in that!)
Theoretical Decadence Virus
The Evil Cyber Record Monkey
Cast Iron Encyclopedia Gloves (Beat that education into 'em!)

My Fortified Foot Dentures had a popular response – so many opportunities at Swancon to put your foot in your mouth, it was a case of finding a ready need and filling it!

Anyway, the scores after laughing ourselves sick, even without alcohol!

Hespa – 53
kbpenguin – 54
Mitch – 62
Amy – 66
kremmen - 69 (the pontiff again...)
Leece & Ben - 72
Rob – 84

And after that we chatted with kremmen and kbpenguin a bit and then spent ½ hour typing this up, and now, it being 2.36, we're going to sleep.


Coming Soon!

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Saturday at the Con.

The day dawned warm, humid and muggy. We woke fairly late, but not too late for breakfast. Breakfast time at the hotel usually ends 9:30, but they extended it to 10:30 so we weren't rushed. And that's another thing, they just kept refilling the empties pretty much up to breakfast end. It wasn't a case of if you came late, you got scraps, a very nice experience maintained throughout the event. Thank you All Seasons! Now if only their broadband rates were a little more reasonable, I would've been able to make these entries on the fly instead of doing it the Tuesday after the con.

We walked to Tactics to see see if they still had the Leviathan card from Pirates of the Spanish Main for a swap card. We were a bit hot when we got back but we were happy because we'd got the Leviathan which Rob put together. It got put on top of the tv in pride of place  for the rest of the convention where it was admired by all and sundry. 

I think this was the time I tracked down David Gerrold, plugged my usb laptop and gave him my filk of the Chtorran Split Song. Lyrics on request. David was sitting in the hucksters room selling his purring Tribbles and non purring books and no one seemed to be around him so I asked him if he'd mind signing then. He said fine. We went down and got the books signed, and gave him some chocolate. He gracefully declined a game of Martian Coasters and we wandered back upstairs.

I'm not sure whether we played something quick at this point...I spotted mystyry and others playing Night of the Ill Tempered Squirrel, which he invited us to play after their game. Can't think what we did in the meantime, whether we vagued around or watched or played something else.

Then the evil mystyry taught us how to play Ill Tempered Squirrels. This is a really funny game very much up our alley. You're trying to make a cult B grade movie, the fewer the stars, the better it is!  Scott, Leece, Rob, Dee and Alistair played. My movie 'won' on 19 points. Dee and Rob drew for secon on 20 each. It was a pretty close game! You can't beat sparklers and plastic toys for special fx.  I'm sure my Oscar is in the mail.

Had lunch, went to the Cliches Panel, which featured David, Elizabeth and Mathew Reilly who all gave us their perspectives on how to break out of the cliche mould. It was one of the very few panels we went to, and it was very good. 

We played Gnostica and then took a break. Poss turned up, and we had coffee and tea, and then watched the first episode of the 2nd season of the 4400. We ordered yummy room service dinner, watched Danger Man, and ate. Then went down to the Masquerade to take photos. Came back up, chatted a little, and watched 2x Heros and then MST3K, whilst tucking into the delicious Indian sweets we'd got the day before. Saw Poss back to her car and saw an amazing house at 61 something street, just around the corner. It was a real Adams Family sort of house, it had a jester gargoyl and a skeleton in the spotlight too!  Came back, stuck our noses in at various parties, and then played Gnostica with Karen and Craig. Rob won on 8.

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Visit http://www.cafepress.com/aliciasmith

Posts: 2821

I forgot to mention that Elizabeth Moon was able to sign all our books, and Rob's newton too, after her GOH speech. Thank's Elizabeth!

Oh, yes, and thanks to our neighbours, the lovely prk & Tori for warning us about their room party in advance. As it was, the towel in the door way made all the difference, and we weren't disturbed at all. Thanks!

Started day with breakfast, then Rob went to the 'Don't explain things' panel. I think this was when might have been when I ran into ratfan, and took her back to the room for a nice cup of tea, chocolate and a bit of peace and quiet, and a nice chat.

I was hoping we could get together with cheshirenoire and callistra and ratfan and rdmasters (Rob) to continue on with our Risus campaign but it didn't eventuate as I think everyone was far too busy and I only saw chesh and call fleetingly throughout the con.

Ratfan plunged off into the con, and Rob and I adjourned back to our room and set up for Arabian nights, and Tim, ratfan/Leece, Bronny, Paul, gelignite, Steveg all playing. Paul and ratfan paired with gelignite and Leece to begin with, and then departed when we went to a break.

One incident sticks in my mind from that part of the game before the break: The Turkish Twins, AKA leece and ratfan encountered a Dark River and managed to totally convince a Powerful Djinn that we just couldn't understand how he got into that tiny, tiny bottle, and what do you know, he fell for it and we scored Aladdin's wonderful lamp!

During the break Rob and I wandered about a bit.

We weren't keen on the panels, so after some pfaffing around we played Mu.  All throughout the game, I was waiting for fire alarms, alien invasion, meteorite strikes, Scunthorpe United winning, because every time I've been kicking ass at Mu (which doesn't happen often) Something Happens.

But eerily...nothing did. I Could Do No Wrong and it's almost as if I knew exactly what people were going to do. I had a hard time keeping from smirking quietly to myself.

Rob 132, Leece 260, kremmen 135, Jocelyn 46, Steveg 134, Mark 9. I ruled the first two rounds very convincingly, and won the game, and Steveg came in from 4th to seize 3rd from Rob in the final round! These are difficult people to play against, and I'm very pleased to have managed it.  *small smirk*

After that we played On the Underground - Jocelyn 30, Steveg 34, Leece 36, Rob 37, Terry/John 39. Very tight game the whole way through and the Terry/John team won that well.

We then had lunch in our room with Steveg, and watched The Amazing Screw-on Head with him. Everyone rejoined us, and we finished Arabian Nights in grand style, with myself (aka The Turkish Twins as ratfan was sharing the character earlier) chatting up every likely looking djinn I could sleeping her way around the world, and into the Sultan's Palace, where she became Sultana, changed back from an ape (from an earlier...unfortunate misunderstanding) as a sort of afterthought and won.

Rob was a hot second, as an insane Vizier! After packing up, we drombled around a little, and we went down to the stand-up panel with harveystoat and Grant. It was pretty well done, but when we called it a night, it had already gone 30mins over time, and was just getting warmed up! My ribs were sore from laughing!

I started re-reading Trading in Danger around then too, kind of a mistake, because it kept me up, and I did that instead of writing entries, so I'm having to reconstruct from very blurred, sleep deprived memories.


The headaches and grungled neck was starting to really make itself felt. And the sleep deprivation.(I just fell asleep during Time Team, and I NEVER do that!)

We went down to a latish breakfast. Not too late, but my head was really pounding and I'd dosed myself up with codeine so I was in pain and foggy. It was a nice suprise when the Griffith family popped in to see us! We trouped up to the friendly gaming room and invaded Mark C who was gleefully opening little ship packets. We started up a game of Frank's Zoo which the kids seemed to really enjoy.

I was coaching Emma, and was out and about a bit, so I didn't see the entire game, but when I got back the game had ended and the scores were thus:

Dana 15
Jayden 15
Leece/Emma 18
James 15
Don 7
Rob 21

So that was something of a close game for some! Frank's Zoo is a cute game. I was so glad to see the Griffiths, they'd all had horrible gastro in the days before, and we'd received a message we wouldn't be seeing them. But they were feeling much better by then and we got to see them and even play with them! Hopefully we can catch up with them and see what other games the kids might like to try.

Dana and Jayden had some wonderful masks that they were going to wear to the Masquerade, but of course they couldn't go, poor sweetlings, they would've had a great time! Hopefully next year will be better for them. I must look at that book of paper masks Ann was talking about, there's some really cool stuff you can do!
Dana as Inspector Rex
Jayden as that critter from Ice Age.

Then the Griffiths went to circulate and my next game was Martian Coasters with Emma, Bronny, Tim, and drhoz. Emma won, she was thrilled, she said it was the first game she'd ever won!

Then Tim and Bronwyn pulled out "Save Dr. Lucky" - Tim, Bronny, Steveg, Leece, Rob all intent on grabbing fame and glory.

Bronny won by pouring whiskey down the old duffer's throat in the Captain's Cabin, in full view of two dismayed witnessess! And only the bottom deck had sunk!

Then we played the Last Panther where I paid for my Mum score from before by going into a catastrophic flaming death spiral kbpenguin -40, kremmen 60, Steveg -85, Leece -205, Rob -140. Those are minuses, not dashes.

Rob and I tired of our bread and cheese and went down to lunch down in the restaurant which was a small but tasty steakburger and adequate salad and chips, steveg was just sitting down to his.

I think we had lunch quite late, and around about then we started thinking about playing a bigass serious game. Hmm. We tested the table we had in the room's size for kremmen's Imperial. Hmm. Pretty tight.

That was when the hotel said it was okay to use the games room until we were done, which was really good of them.

We played Imperial - our first go of it. Kremmen and kbpenguin had played it a couple of times before, the rest, not at all. Playing were This Lot and I think you'll agree that they were a mighty suspicious lot!

Steveg and Bronwyn and Tim all departed during our game, after spectating...Tim and Bronny were watching the Closing Ceremony, and Steveg had found a good book and was keeping half an ear on our game.  Some folks came and borrowed our Martian Coasters, Hespa, and some others, and also opportunistically kept us company in the gaming room. I don't know who won their game, but I certainly know who won ours.

Mark 23
kbpenguin 25
Leece 29
Rob 72
Kremmen 77

An interesting, and very cynical game. Beautiful board...it's tempting but I think I might not get this one, I'm not that comfortable with the idea of, oh these armies are just taking up too many resources, I'll just send them off to die so I don't have to feed them and then I'll get lots of money at tax time....

After sharing the last of our bread and cheese, and stealing some of their soup kremmen and kbpenguin, after a bit of a wind down, departed off to go to the hotel they were changing to. This was when we realised we'd left Villa unlocked since we'd got to the hotel. Which was a bit of a worry. Of course, poor Villa didn't have anything valuable inside, and looks kind of crappy. Literally, there's Laughing Turtledove poo all over him at the moment.

We then relaxed a bit, Rob started packing as he always does so wonderfully, and awaited the call, drove over to deliver their luggage to them, admired their nice hotel room, and came back and read a good while.

This morning we had our last breakfast and checked out, had a nice chat to the manager of the hotel and some of the staff. We might see some of them at the Eurogamesfest next Saturday!

Every year it seems, we introduce a game to Swancon and it really takes off. I think this year On The Underground is a strong contender for this. It was in almost constant demand. I'm not sure how many games of it were played over the weekend, but it would be a fair number.

Martian Coasters and Gnostica also fascinated people, but I'm not sure how many of them would order them from Looney Labs. On The Underground will undoubtedly turn up in games stores, and unhalfbricking.com.au has it now, so people could get almost instant gratification with it.

Wings of War looks interesting, but I didn't play it, it does remind me a bit of Aces of Aces in the glimpses I had of it. Order of the Stick is apparently quite a long play but seemed to amuse whoever was playing it.

So that was our Swancon.

I wish I'd got to the art show.
I wish I'd seen some panels I didn't want to miss.
I wish I'd seen more of both Mr Gerrold and Mr Reilly.
I wish I'd seen Mystie with a big audience.
I wish I'd not had so many headaches.

But hey, you can't do everything or be everywhere.

Rob has got the photos up at http://www.lympago.com/ as you probably know. What you might not know is that they're in reverse order, so bear that in mind. I've been most of today writing this up and I'm really tired.

But not as tired, I'd warrant, as the people who made this all possible. Thank you. We love you all, the guests, the committee, the hard work everyone has put in. Thank you. A superduper con!

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