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  Author    GenghisCon 2007 report here soon.
Posted on: January 22nd, 2007, 7:09pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Genghiscon is one big blur of lots of games for me at the moment. I'll be able to give a more coherent report after next weekend, because we seemed to have packed my Genghiscon notebook into the crate of games that we sent off with Mark, so I suspect it's in Narrogin.

Let's see how we go with remembering stuff. After frantic running around taking Dad to his CT scan and forgetting his referral, which slowed things down rather, I was able to go home and do some finishing touches to my packing, Rob had done most of it for me while I was away though, so that was good.

We got onto our bikes with their loaded trailers, and cycled through to the convention, skirting Herdsman's lake and fighting a really strong southerly breeze.

Really strong, practically blown away back home.

We registered, and dragged our gear to our thankfully, this year a ground floor room close by, which we really appreciated, transporting the Ark of the Covenant, well games box 13 klms by bike the last thing you want to do is drag it up three flights of stairs.

We introduced Khet / Deflexxion (No, it's NOT Laser Chess, it just looks like it should be called that!) to many people, and occassionally we saw the board throughout the Con. It was very, very popular.

We grabbed some Bodyguards and some very enthusiastic Assassins for Kill Evil Genghis and had a good hours play before our foam rubber discs started to melt into the gloom. We also had a very nice dinner at one of the restaraunts nearby, Rob had Moroccan Lamb and I had Ocean Trout, both lovely. And the bannanna caramel fudge cake was really good too.

I think we did a lot of gaming that night...I will have to check my records for what it actually was.

On Saturday we gamed and gamed and gamed - once again, when my green notebook surfaces I'll be much wiser.

The big event was the Not Tonight Josephine tournament - which went very well and which I'll expand on later once I find my notes! There are photos in the link above though.

I think we played Orient Express that night. Or was it Friday? Oh well. You can tell from the photos I just can't be bothered at the moment.

We also played a good game of Pirates! with the miniture ships.

The panel Rob was on Saturday night, Getting Out There was very good, and well recieved, and we all trouped out and got a good view of Comet McNaught afterwoulds, the perfect end!

On Sunday we played mostly Looney Lab games, thanks to Chris, the Looney Lab Rabbit, thanks Chris! Hard work, but we appreciate it!

I never saw the trebuchet in action, or much of the laser tag or stuff involving the giant cardboard castles that mushroomed up in the grounds, the live action Mag Blast or Roborally, but there was just so much on! It all sounded very cool and fun.

Genghiscon was well organised, the sausage sizzle was delicious, the events inspired and everyone involved great! Thank you. Our favourite con. Oh, and my design turned out nice on the shirts too!

Then we pretty much packed up and rode home, pausing on the way to photograph some very cooperative Rainbow Beeeaters at Herdsman Lake and had dinner. Then we drove to darklion's place and had a couple of games of Khet with Neil, and then a game of Ingenious (this all because everyone else was involved in Around the world in 80 days).

When that ended kremmen, myself, Rob, and Helen played Medici, and I tromped all over them with big heavy boots.

Then we came home and went to sleep.

This morning we slept in and then went to brunch at Retro Betty's and then got some hardware at Bunnings, put up a shade at the front, and went to the blood bank where Rob made his 125th donation and got a bottle of the wine formerly known as Champagne.

Now we're home and might play TTR:E online.

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Posted on: February 20th, 2007, 3:25pm Quote Report to Moderator
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Posts: 2821
Well it's been a while, I know, and I'm sorry I didn't get to this sooner, but I've found my notes on the games I was involved with at Genghiscon.

So, without further ado, I'll transcribe them.

From my little green notepad Gigi gave me - the one with the preliminary sketch of her cat! No doubt I'll add to it as I type.

" Genghis Con 2007 "

Ride very good - mirrors, gloves, new gear works well. Rob and Brad had a game of Khet (Deflexxion - the Laser Game) Rob lost to Brad - first game - Brad took 4 pieces and the victory and Rob just one. Well done Brad!

We got a room on the ground floor - yay!

At around 5.30 Deflexxion was played by a number of people to much appreciation.

Kill Genghis Fun!


Then we played Orient Express (the old Jumbo version) for the first time.

The Folding Table

The sleuths were Rob, Matt, Jocelyn, Jen, Craig and Leece, Rob and Matt both won, the rest of us had to wait until the drawing room revelation.

We're rather taken with this game. It has real elements of forensics and lots of logic.

Some of us wanted to play it again, so we  took out the next scenario -

Family Reunion

Rob, Joceyln, Matt and Leece played, and Matt won, he was the only one who got it right!

On Saturday we wandered over to breakfast and afterwoulds Bronny, Rob and Leece played 6 Nimmt!

Rob won on 45, Leece came second on 62 and Bronny trailing on 75.

Then we played Pirates!

John took the Spanish
Dr Mark took the Americans
Rob took the English Navy (to the bottom of the sea)
Leece were the Pirates

It was a mighty naval engagement!  The Spanish with John sailed to victory with 23 gold, Leece's Pirates came second on 18 pieces of eight, Dr Mark's Yanks came along with 12 and Rob's poor Royal Navy all got sunk and he didn't get any tribute at all.

Then I and Jocelyn played Deflexxion and Jocelyn won her first game of it!

We set up the tournament for Not Tonight Josephine, and as previously discussed, Dr Mark won.

Then Rob and I walked up the street and bought ourselves a very nice picnic lunch, which we enjoyed on the grass outside.

Rob's space panel was next and was very well received, and we all had a good view of Comet McNaught afterwoulds, most appropriately!

Bootleggers, our first 6 player game!

Steveg 47
Rob 50
Mark 42
Jocelyn 44
Leon/Jen 15
Leece 56

Afterwoulds I participated in a Betrayal At House On The Hill - the Frog Leg Stew variant. I was the witch and unfortunately my oponents did for me and the Good Guys won. Oh well.

Then we played Ticket to Ride 1910, which was, I must say on the original USA map game.

Leon ended on 120 points
Jen on 94
Mark on 116
Leece on 87
Elaine W on 112

Then we played the next scenario in Orient Express.

A Babel of Toungues.

Playing were Tim, Bron Dr Mark, Rob, Jocelyn and Leece.

Jocelyn won!
Tim came second
Rob 3rd
Dr Mark's guess was incorrect.
Bron came 4th
Leece came 5th.

Lots of people played Fluxx, then Treehouse and we ended on  a game of UberChronanaughts during the Looney Labs demo run by krisjon.

Tim won, others who played were Mark S, ratticus, Tim, Bronwyn, Leece, Jon, ariaflame, krisjon and Rob.

Then we played Treehouse again afterwoulds, but I don't think we finished the game because  it was time to pack up.

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