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  Author    New Design: Medusa of the Gorgons
Posted on: April 29th, 2010, 4:17pm Quote Report to Moderator
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So, yesterday Rob and I went to see Clash of the Titans (don't see it if you're at all concerned about accuracy in mythology) and it reminded me that I had drawn this image a few months ago. It's an unusual depiction of Medusa, who was one of the more hard done by women in Greek myth - she was a mortal woman transformed into a monster - in some tales through no fault of her own! No wonder her image is taken in more modern times to be a symbol of female rage. She has a lot to rage about.

I had an idle wander about the web once I'd cleaned this image, ready for upload, and was startled to find this image of a centaur Medusa. I can't really remember what I was thinking when I drew the image below, but what with the importance of Python and Pythia to the ancient Greeks, I clearly thought a pythonesque serpent might be appropriate. Tales of the Gorgons' gold wings, brass claws and serpent's scales may have also influenced my thinking. Or it just happened as I was doodling. Pegasus is said to have been birthed from Medusa when she died, this version looks a more likely mother than the human, if snake haired lady we more often see.

Happy browsing!

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