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  Author    New Design Extravaganza
Posted on: July 1st, 2009, 11:49am Quote Report to Moderator
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Recently I've been having a good old play with metallic pencils and it's been fun.

Here are the results of this play. These are much looser designs than I'm usually comfortable with letting out into the wild wild world, and I wouldn't usually, but I'm actually happy enough with these to let them out.

First up we have a scary mermaid - Sirenia. She's more likely to hang around in the deep trenches, than singing sailors onto the rocks (How amateur!) but if you're in the deep waters she might talk to you of the kraken and the anglerfish, and the secret battle of giant squid and whale. There'll be a price to pay, of course. There always is.

Then we have a dancing centauress. No, she's not a Sagittari-ess (it's a pun, guys) as she doesn't have a bow and arrow.

Then I had fun drawing Breng from the King of the Copper Mountains. Breng is a three headed dragon, and as I had forgotten his encounter with the witch at an early age you will see he doesn't have his trademark scars.  Mr Biegel doesn't describe anything much of Breng, except for his waving three necks, and his fiery eyes. I figured it was plausible for a dragon from the Copper Mountains to be copper coloured, as a sort of camouflage.

Then came time to draw pedanther 's prize for the not-Drabble competition last week. pedanther told me to choose something and as I was all fired up from drawing Breng and I knew he had also read the King of the Copper Mountains I did him a picture of Breng, in the Copper Stables, burning the dust and dirt of the day off his back, as described in the book. (so he can go to bed all nice and clean)

And now it's all up for you to see.

These were quite small images, but due to the forgiving nature of the media, they've blown up pretty well.
Remember, the little video cameras are not available outside the U.S, and also, if you want a closer look at any of the images, click on a product and then click on "View Larger" and then "Zoom in on Image".

Have a pleasant browse folks!

I wonder if I should put these up in the Zazzle shop as well? That would let people play around with customising backgrounds and so forth.

Last modified July 1st, 2009, 11:49am by leece
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