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  Author    Bye bye Fringe and hello hot water.
Posted on: January 21st, 2016, 4:37am Quote Report to Moderator
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Well, I really enjoyed Fringe a lot. It's the first year we were *really* organised.

Fringe finished officially on the 21st, but I believe La Soiree will be continuing for a couple of weeks, so we may see that before it goes. As a sort of cap off, otherwise, we are going to The Princess Bride at the Rooftop Cinema https://www.rooftopmovies.com.au/  tonight so if it sounds like your thing do come along if you happen to be in the right city at the time.

On Sunday we had free tickets for the movies so went to see DeadPool - I knew nothing of the character except people told me he broke the fourth wall in the comics too. It was highly amusing, pretty rude but funny. Shows how good a movie can be if it's not committeed to death - it was shot in 48 days which requires a certain tightness!

I've had a bit of an epic time with replacing the anode in my solar hot water heater. 10 years ago we had our gas system replaced with solar and boy we were glad! We got an extra thick sacrificial anode and were told to contact them in 10 years to get it replaced. Okay.

So 10 years later I call up Solahart and say, g'day, 10 year service, please.

Serviceman comes, and tinkers about.

"This nut is bigger than the standard. Never seen it before. I can't get it off to get the anonde out with the socket I have. I'll ring my boss." Rings his boss, boss says we're not buying a $100 socket for this one non standard unit. Leece says "Are you sure this isn't the start of a wave of this different size?"

Serviceman says, "Nah. Just a freak. Never seen it before. Well, it'll probably be alright for another 5 years."

Leece is unimpressed. "What do I do?"

"Well you could call Rheem, they're the same company, they're huge, they made this unit, and they'll have a tool the right size."

So I call Rheem, get what I thought might have been a helpful person, and then my enquiry promptly falls into a black hole. 3 weeks later I start to think about calling Solarhart for advice when the serviceman calls me.

"We got another one, just like yours, so we dug around and found a tool that might fit, can I come over and see if it will fit yours, because you're closer to us. Then I can go out to Yokine, fix theirs, and then come back to your place next week and replace the anode for yours."

So he visited last week, discovered to everyone's relief that his socket, even though it was over large, would work. He's just left having done the job here. Hooray! My Google Calendar now will get another entry for 10 years time - it worked well!
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