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  Author    Shamelessly cribbed from the notification
Posted on: August 3rd, 2006, 3:41pm Quote Report to Moderator
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I'll be attending this one - unfortuneately Rob won't be, due to being on back up. It's going to be at 2:00pm on Sunday 27th August 2006.

Sure sounds cool though! If you're intrigued by the following, then wander over to http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/perthfreeforming/ and sign yourself up. Remember to notify the coordinator of your intent to play.

About this Game
The Angel of Babylon

Iraq, March 21 1920

As the chamber is opened for the first time in millennia, you see
inside not the riches of an empire, nor the jewels of a kingdom, but
an angel, imposing in his solitude. Statues such as these were
usually set as guards for a palace or temple, what could he be
guarding here? Nothing but dust remains.

The statue is carved in relief, in a golden sandstone. And it's
massive, fully fifteen feet tall. This is not an anaemic harp
strummer from the Renaissance. This is an old testament warrior,
full bearded and muscular. His wings could stun an elephant, or kill
a horse, though each feather is delicately and lovingly carved. He
holds a sword in front, ready to strike at any who would harm what
he has been set to protect.

Beside the statue is a badly fired cuniform tablet, only partly
intact. In it was written a verse. Only fragments of the text now

After war; after plague,
In time of plenty, as I was made

The rest is lost in time.

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